Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Stands Up Against Illegal Invasion

Last week, the Recreation HQ stated that public access is 180 degrees backwards when you have federal land agencies telling OHVers that travel restrictions or bans exist on roads and trails in the desert because they have ceded those lands to illegal drug and human traffickers. On the flip side, you have those same federal land agencies closing historic roads and trails to legal residents on forests like the Shasta Trinity NF, Tellico NF, etc.
PHOTO: The General On A Trail in AZ

In recent years, there have not been many Governors who have stood up against land closures. However just a few days ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer posted a video on the internet near one of the travel restriction signs (shown in the June 21 blog) posted on federal lands in her state.

Video of Jan Brewer Standing Up Against the Illegal Invasion

The Recreation HQ sent Gov. Brewer a thank you today regarding her fight. Feel free to send your own message to her at:

Brewer Comment Link

The General believes that when a politician takes a stand for us regular folks… we should support them.

Thanks in advance for your continued vigilance.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toxic Trails, CCMA, and You

The General has long stated to his riding buddies that he does not believe in federal government conspiracies. That long held axiom is based on the fact the he knows a lot of federal land managers at various levels and for the most part they don’t have the time or inclination to craft a conspiracy let alone carry it out.

However, the latest push by the Sierra Fund, a Nevada City-based eco-group chaired by Patty Brissenden (wife of former anti-OSV/OHV OHMVR commissioner John Brissenden) may cause The Recreation HQ to rethink that concept.

Some of you have seen the recent article about “Toxic Trails” in the Sierra.

SF Chronicle Article on Toxic Trails

It is no coincidence that the closure of Clear Creek to OHV and other uses is cited as the model of how an agency should close lands to the public when a “dangerous” chemical or compound is discovered. The Sierra Fund cites its support and partnership with various like-minded green groups, foundations, and Cal/EPA Note also that other popular OHV areas at Foresthill and Downieville are cited in the article as potential closure targets.

Sierra Fund Support List for Toxic Trails Report

After reading about who belongs to the working group, it should come as no surprise that in the BRC FOIA documents the BLM at CCMA cites Cal EPA/DTSC’s demand that CCMA be closed to OHV as the onus for the current closure.

See Blog on EPA Corruption at CCMA with link to FOIA documents

What trail enthusiasts (motorized and non-motorized) should be concerned about is that there IS a well thought out strategic effort by the green/governmental complex (EPA, Cal EPA, DTSC, CBD, TWS, etc.) to close OHV trails on FS and BLM lands due to undocumented “health risks” to the public.

Has this closure effort reached the level where the HQ can claim there is a conspiracy to close OHV off public lands? That time may come very soon, but in the meantime The General believes there is a well coordinated effort by greens group and their supporters (or hostages) in the federal government to restrict or ban historic OHV and other uses on public lands.

Now is not the time to give up but redouble our efforts to fight back. Thanks in advance for your support and commitment.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Update on Obama Outdoor Program - LA Meeting July 8

The Recreation HQ wants to make sure that riders in CA (and elsewhere for that matter) are aware of (and hopefully can attend) upcoming “listening sessions” related to Obama’s Great Outdoors Initiative.

Obama’s Outdoor Initiative
PHOTO: BRC's Don Amador at a tour during Region 5's Recreation RAC Meetings in Mammoth Lakes July 22-25

On July 8 there will be a session at Occidental College near Glendale California. The General and other OHV leaders will be in attendance and the HQ would like to encourage you or somebody from your club or OHV business to attend and help represent responsible OHV recreation at these events. If you plan on attending be sure and send an RSVP to the email contact in the link below.

Info for July 8 Meeting at Occidental College

According to BRC…this is the list of other meetings scheduled throughout the country
June 28 Charleston, SC
July 1 Seattle, WA
July 8 Los Angeles, CA
July 15 Asheville, NC
July 25 Minneapolis, MN
July 29 Hudson River, NY
August Maine/New Hampshire
Other sites TBA

The General must be perfectly honest when he says the HQ is concerned about the glaring absence of OHV or motorized recreation even being acknowledged in any of the program’s narratives. Equally troubling is that none of the states (even pro motorized stated like Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona) mentioned OHV in any of their outdoor recreation proclamations.

See States that issued Proclamations

The Recreation HQ expects BRC and other groups such as ARRA and AMA to be issuing updated notices on these events. In fact, AMA recently issued such an alert.

See AMA Alert

OHV has a great story to tell about our volunteer efforts, our championing a responsible land-use ethic, our family involvement, and being a user-pay/user-benefit program. Let’s be sure and bring those messages to these events.

See 2008 FS Update (107 pages) for an overview of OHV recreation trends nationwide

The above report is a good read for club and industry leaders who want an overview of OHV recreation in the U.S. in preparation for the listening sessions.

Stay tuned for updates on these Outdoor meetings.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

HQ Closed June 22-25 for Meetings

The Recreation HQ will be closed from June 22-25 as The General (on behalf of BRC) will be attending FS meetings. HQ will reopen on June 28.

Video Update on High Noon Rally in Eureka

As followers of this blog already know, average citizens (heroes in my book) are fighting back against government overregulation, environmental extremism, and federal programs that attack our personal freedoms. You have also seen rural counties (Del Norte, San Benito, Shasta, etc) standing up for the access rights of their constituents.
PHOTO - The General (aka Cuttenkid) at his home in Cutten with some fish he caught (circa 1966)

In the last few days, you have seen fishermen and a candidate for the California Assembly rally in Eureka against corrupt government and the creation of ocean “Wilderness Areas.”

See my June 17 blog on Rally with a link to a news article

The rally by about 100 pro-access people was largely spiked by local media and the one news article gave about 1/2 of the print to the one green spokesperson that showed up.

The Recreation HQ wanted to share a video of the rally that recently surfaced. The General says that these folks who have taken a stand against closures deserve our support.

7 minute video of the High Noon Rally in Eureka

If you want to send these fishermen (some are BRC members) a note of support, feel free to contact Dennis Mayo, founder of the Eureka-based pro-access group Open Beaches and Trails at:

Feel free to post a comment on this blog or send The General a PM if you want the HQ to continue posting stories about people fighting for freedom.

Thanks in advance for your service and support!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Criminal Invasion Closes Public Lands in AZ

The Recreation HQ wants to lend its voice and support to Congressman Rob Bishop’s effort to reclaim public land that either has been closed to recreational access or has warning signs placed describing the danger posed by illegal drug smugglers and human traffickers.

PHOTO: BLM Warning Sign in AZ
Article on Public Land Closures and Restrictions on Federal Lands

I don’t know about you, but The General believes things are about 180 degrees backwards in this country right now. Instead of acknowledging that dangerous criminals are invading this country through our southern borders, the Forest Service (and by default the BLM) claims that OHV use is one of the major threats to public lands.

See the infamous FS 4 Threats Speech where OHV use is lumped in with wildfires, invasive species, and loss of open space as the 4 major threats to public lands. And yes, this speech was the launching pad for the equally infamous Travel Management Rule that is ironically closing Americans who love trails (i.e. Shasta Trinity NF closing 100 percent of single track trails) out of their own public lands while at the same time doing little to protect our access rights in Arizona and other places on the southern border.

4 Threats Speech

Maybe it is time for the federal land management agencies to push the reset button on TMR and focus their resources to stop criminals from entering this country rather than trying to make criminals out of law abiding citizens who simply want to use and enjoy historic access routes on federal lands.

It’s time to stop the madness.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Review - Climategate - A 21st Century Eco Update

As The General prepares to write a book review of Brian Sussman’s must read book Climategate, he is reminded of the 1993 treatise of the environmental movement called
Trashing the Economy.

On page 3 of that book, the Institute for Policy Innovation wrote, “The rapid growth of government regulations may very well be the single most important obstacle to U.S competitiveness here and abroad.”

In light of government programs like the Travel Management Rule and landscape level closures such as the BLM’s interim “no-human use” prescription for the Clear Creek Management Area, the Recreation HQ would like to rephrase the aforementioned quote to state, “The rapid growth of unchecked government regulations may very well be the single most important obstacle to our personal freedoms both at home and with regards to public land access.”

I believe Climategate gives the reader a 21st century update on just how 1960-1980s era radical environmentalists and their supporters in Congress, the media, and the administration – as so aptly described in Trashing the Economy – are enacting their nightmarish eco-agenda that has very little if anything to do with “protecting the environment.”

Sussman does an excellent job of connecting the dots that exist between eco-icons and/or their schemes/concepts such as Gaylord Nelson, Fred Singer, Carl Pope, Carol Browner, Richard Nixon, Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Rachael Carson, Earth Day, EPA, Agenda 21, United Nations, Cap and Tax, An Inconvenient Truth, Global Warming, and the Clean Air Act.

As freedom loving Americans and riders, I would urge you to get Sussman’s book so you have a better understanding of what we are up against. It is no joke. The greens are serious about banning OHV use on public lands. You may say how do you know? My response is because that is what they have told me in person and I believe them. You should too!

For those of you who want a more comprehensive historical overview of the environmental movement, I would also suggest that you buy Trashing the Economy and read it before Climategate. After reading both books, you will better understand our opposition.

To order Climategate go to:

Thanks for your service!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

High Noon Rally in Eureka

When somebody from a corrupt government/non-governmental agency hybrid tells fishermen in Northern California that they are there to “help you” – don’t buy it.
PHOTO: New Ocean Wilderness Area?
Well that is exactly what happened at High Noon yesterday when Karen Brooks and about 100 fishermen and local ocean access supporters gathered at a marina in Humboldt Bay to tell MLPA representatives to stop trying to kill the fishing economy on the North Coast.

Times-Standard Article on MLPA Protest

The General remembers when he was a kid working at Cal-Pacific Lumber Company (circa early 1970s) when another government program (Redwood National Park) put a lot of the timber industry out of business including Cal-Pac.

Some riders may ask why the Recreation HQ is focusing on the MLPA fight? Well it just so happens that many BRC members on the North Coast belong to organizations like the Far West Motorcycle Club, Lost Coast 4x4, and Cliffhangers 4x4. Those folks either fish recreationally or commercially. With no job how can you pay for gas, car insurance, etc., to go OHVing?

Sunday’s rare weekend blog points out it is no coincidence that you have many of the same eco-groups and their willing accomplices in elected office who are championing Ocean Wilderness Areas are also supporting land-based Wilderness Areas, National Monuments, or National Conservation Areas in regions where there are developed and dispersed OHV recreational opportunities.

Sunday’s blog regarding NCA’s, MLPA, and the Land Use Stinkometer

The General gives a hardy salute to those fishermen – from Shelter Cove, Eureka, and Crescent City - who attended the rally. They clearly understand that if those of us who believe in the multiple-use of public lands and waterways don’t – as Benjamin Franklin said – hang together we will surly hang separately.

Thanks for your service!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember Flag Day Today - Comments from the HQ

As The General works on an appeal of the Record of Decision for the Lower Trinity and Mad River Motorized Travel Plan, he wants riders to remember this is Flag Day 2010.
PHOTO: Flag Flying at the HQ

The Recreation HQ believes Flag Day is a day for all Americans to celebrate our freedom and show respect for our flag. Our flag is strong symbol of our fight for independence and for our unity as a nation.

Our Flag has been carried into every major battle fought by Americans. Many people, including friends of The General, have died protecting it.

Today, patriots throughout this country are engaged in a fierce battle to protect those freedoms from a federal government that is imposing arbitrary land closures, unwarranted and job-killing regulations, and hiding documents from Congress and the public via denied FOIAs filed by the BRC and other groups.

As the Flag flies over The Recreation HQ today, remember that we must stand together in our struggle to preserve the rights and freedoms symbolized by our Flag.

God Bless America and all those engaged in the fight.

Thanks for your service!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ocean Wilderness, Stonyford NCA, Green Cabal, and the HQ Land Use Stinko-Meter

The Recreation HQ got a call last week from our good friend, Dennis Mayo (founder of the Eureka-based Open Beaches and Trails Group), who wanted The General to check into the “Ocean Wilderness Areas” being championed by left wing preservationist groups and an unholy state agency/NGO hybrid called the California Marine Life Protection Act Initiative.

Overview of MLPA Hybrid Program

As the grandson and great grandson of immigrant Norwegian fishermen who fished the waters near S.F up through Eureka, Seattle, ending up in Alaska, my ‘this fish stinks” radar immediately started to sound the all-hands-on-deck and man your land-use battle stations (water-use in this case) alarms when The Admiral found that a diverse group of interests were crying foul on the proposed closure of the Pacific Ocean on the North Coast to fishing. The HQ's infamous land-use "Stinko-Meter" is pinned.

May 27 Article of Diverse Groups Crying Foul on MLPA

Besides just crying foul it looks like fishing groups filed a lawsuit on June 10 against the MLPA basically charging the process is corrupt including its relationship with the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation.

June 10 Article on Fishing Lawsuit

Some riders who don’t fish may ask what this all has to do with OHV battles? This is where this story turns ugly. Remember the Recreation HQ’s recent post on the effort by enviro groups and IMBA to have the Stonyford and Upper Lake OHV Area designated at a National Conservation Area or a National Obamument?

May 6 Blog on Stonyford NCA Proposal and Green Cabal

June 7 Article on Cong. Mike Thompson Considering NCA Push on 500K Acres in N. Cal including Stonyford

Well it looks like the Foundation’s board member, Jim Eaton, (former director for the CA Wilderness Coalition), is also a key player in the push for the NCA designations from
Berryessa up to the OR border.

Info on the Resources Legacy Foundation’s Jim Eaton and his background

The question of where the Resources Agency’s Ocean Protection Council/DFG gets funding for this type of regulators-gone-mad scenario appears to be at least, in part, from an 11 percent allotment in the CA State Parks Initiative. 11 percent of $500 million is $55 million.

Text of State Parks Initiative and Link

b) Seven percent (7%) shall be available for appropriation from the fund to the Department of Fish and Game for the management and operation of wildlife refuges, ecological reserves and other lands owned or managed by the Department of Fish and Game for wildlife conservation.
(c) Four percent (4%) shall be available for appropriation from the fund to the Ocean Protection Council for marine wildlife conservation and the protection of coastal waters, with first priority given to the development, operation, management, and monitoring of marine protected areas.

March 10 Blog on CA State Parks Initiative ($18 dollar/yr. tax/fee per vehicle)

The Recreation HQ will be doing more updates on this issue, but it wants riders and other concerned citizens to be aware of a press conference called by Karen Brooks at High Noon Dock D at Woodley Island Marina on June 16 in Eureka.

Reform is needed both in DC and Sacramento where you have a cabal of state/federal agencies such as DTSC, CARB, Cal-EPA, EPA, and wilderness groups working in concert to close our oceans and public lands (Shasta T and Clear Creek) to activities such as OHV recreation and fishing.

The Recreation HQ apologizes for both the length and complex nature of this blog, but the issues are just too important not to share. If you want a local contact in the Eureka area for more info or if you are coming to the June 16 event…. Call Dennis Mayo at: 707.832.9334.

The General thanks you in advance for reviewing this issue.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Congress Weighs into Shasta County v. FS Fight

The bizarre “no-show saga” of the Shasta Trinity National Forest continues today with Congressman Wally Herger weighing into the fight with letters to Regional Forester Randy Moore about the Shasta T stiffing both Shasta and Siskiyou Counties.

Congressman Wally Herger’s June 9 Letter to Randy Moore about Shasta County

Congressman Wally Herger’s June 11 Letter to Randy Moore about Siskiyou County

The Recreation HQ has gotten several PMs from federal agents who think the actions of the Shasta T are unprofessional and reflect poorly on the agency.

HQ urges the agency to address the growing divide between the FS and county governments.

BRC Founder, Clark Collins, Headed to AMA Hall of Fame

The Recreation HQ is very proud to announce that BRC founder, Clark Collins, is heading for the AMA Hall of Fame. With all the bad land access news that we are hit with everyday, it is great to take a break from the bad… and focus for a few minutes on something good.
PHOTO: BRC Founder, Clark Collins

The General got the news yesterday and immediately called Clark at his home in Pocatello, Idaho and extended some heartfelt congratulations. Clark started BRC as a one man show operating out of his garage back in 1987. And as the article correctly states, BRC is the largest nationally recognized OHV access group in the USA. That recognition does not just come from OHVers, but includes mainstream media, Congress, land management agencies, and national environmental groups.

It was Clark who inspired Don Amador’s now famous quote, "All land use decisions are political decisions.”

For those of you OHVers and even my friends in the enviro community, feel free to send Clark a note of congrats. He is one who truly deserves it.

Contact Clark at:

Thanks for your service Clark!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BBQ Diplomacy Needed in County v. Forest Service Fight

A lot of riders, OHV media, federal agents, and others are watching the ongoing struggle or battle of wills between the Shasta County Board of Supervisors and the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

As you know, the BOS held a hearing on June 4 regarding the County’s appeal of the ROD and to have the informal disposition in a public forum as required by law.

June 6 Blog with info, archived news articles, etc.

Based on direction by the BOS, the county counsel prepared and sent a letter on June 8 about the Forest‘s failure to appear. This letter was sent to Region 5, the Department of Agriculture, and Congress. The letter asked for a response by the Forest before the close of business on June 9. No response as of today.

June 8 BOS/Counsel Letter to Congress and USDA

The letter while respectful does rightfully convey the board’s frustration with the Forest’s lack of communication and cooperation. The General does not believe the Forest has any excuse for not showing up. Some of you remember the OHV Commission meetings (circa 2000-2007) where the environmentalists who were running the commission often excoriated and made every effort to humiliate FS and BLM representatives in public. I think a lot of credit should go to those federal representatives who showed up and took the verbal abuse. I don’t know why the Shasta T decided to basically ignore the county’s request for a public forum. I don’t think it would have been near as hostile as the old OHV commission meetings.

Federal line officers should be able to take the heat. Their job today is really more political than resource oriented. Historically, District Rangers and Forest Supervisors integrated themselves into the community. They attended BBQs, fishing derbies, and turkey shoots. It seems that sort of camaraderie is sadly missing on the Shasta T.

Is there a growing rural county movement to challenge arbitrary land closures? We have seen the San Bento County BOS reopen county roads at Clear Creek. Del Norte County has joined recreation groups to challenge illegal road ripping. Shasta County seems to have joined in.

See WND Article on Counties Fighting Back

In the absence of the Forest Service using “BBQ diplomacy” in rural areas such as Shasta County, the local government has only two options when faced with arbitrary federal actions and those are lawsuits or asking for the line officer to be replaced.

I know recreation groups such as BRC, ROC, et al are committed to working with the agency, but that relationship has to be a two-way street.

Stay tuned as the Shasta saga continues.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HQ Closed June 8 and 9

HQ is closed June 8-9. Will reopen June 10

If you live in CA - Remember to VOTE today.

Thanks for your service!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shasta County Close to Vote of No Confidence in Forest Service

On June 4, 2010 the Shasta County Board of Supervisors and about 85 members of the public were snubbed by the Shasta Trinity National Forest when the agency failed to show up to hearing on the county’s appeal of the Forest’s TMR Record of Decision.

The day before the meeting, the local paper ran a story about how the Forest had decided NOT to attend the meeting. However, the story did not highlight the fact that the date of June 4 for a public meeting had been previously agreed to by the Forest.

Record Searchlight June 3 Article

The General, on behalf of BRC, attended that meeting and testified that - at the end-of-the-day – the county government is the public’s last recourse (outside of lawsuits) to challenge arbitrary federal land closures.

I think the Record Searchlight’s June 6, 2010 Editorial captured the extreme frustration unanimously articulated by the Board of Supervisors and the public while challenging all parties to find some common ground. As some of you know, BRC and BRC Legal also filed appeals and during our recent informal disposition meeting, The General also expressed his deep frustration with the Forest's abysmal history of ad hoc non-management of OHV recreation.

June 6 Record Searchlight Editorial on Forest Fight

As the editorial correctly notes, the BOS is dangerously close to taking the rather precedence setting step of casting a formal vote of no confidence in Forest leadership and request that leadership be replaced. The Recreation HQ believes the only way for the Forest to salvage any remnants of credibility is for the agency to meet with the public and agree to phase in the Record of Decision as new trail projects are completed or better yet, have the Appeal Reviewing Officer recommend the ROD be withdrawn and the Forest restart a legitimate TMR planning process that is not frontloaded to enact a landscape level closure.

Sylvia Milligan, chief honcho of the Recreation Outdoor Coalition, stated in her testimony that the Forest Supervisor said in a public forum that she wanted HER Forest to be a Quiet Forest. If that is in fact the current operational paradigm then Houston (or in this case the Forest Service) we have a problem. Groups like BRC, RDR, ROC, and the BOS have proven willing to work in partnership with land management agencies, but that is hard to do if all you get when you extend that hand of fellowship is a poke in the eye.

The ball is in the agency’s court. Does the Forest Service really desire to pick a fight and enter into an OHV version of the Cold War with people it is supposed to serve? Or, will it push the reset button? Having this battle of wills continue is not healthy for the community or the agency. *

Thursday, June 3, 2010

National Monument Shell Game Continues at DOI

The Recreation HQ continues its efforts to break down the Obama Administration’s “Wall of Transparency” regarding the stonewalling by the Department of Interior to not release documents related to the creation of the Stonyford OHV Obamument.

Rather than being the most transparent administration in American history, DOI and EPA seem to have perfected a paperwork version of the “shell game.”
Case Study of EPA hiding Clear Creek FOIA’d documents
Even Retired Land Management Professionals are asking for info
As some of you know, The General (in his role as western representative for the BRC) filed a FOIA on February 19, 2010 after some secret documents were discovered by
See February 19 BRC News Release with Letter to Congress and Link to Secret Documents

When DOI said they did could not find any related documents, The General filed
an immediate FOIA appeal
March 28 Blog with link to FOIA appeal

On May 24 DOI denied the FOIA appeal (link to FOIA Denial)

As BRC legal continues to review options regarding the FOIA denial, The General filed separate FOIAs yesterday on BLM, NPS, NLCS, and USFWS. Be assured that HQ will keep you updated on the continuing saga of the non-transparency of this administration as it relates to public land access.