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September 1, 2023





 This is to inform my OHV family that after careful thought and deliberation  I resigned from my position as the LAO Government Affairs Director for AMA District 36, effective September 1, 2023 to review other opportunities to represent sustainable OHV recreation in the legislative and policy arenas.


In my resignation letter to the D36 Board, I thanked them for the opportunities over the last 3+ years to advocate on behalf of AMA District 36 clubs and members for responsible OHV recreation before local and state government officials, legislators, regulators, Governor’s office, State Parks, OHMVR Commission, Congress, environmental/conservation groups, timber industry, law enforcement, and federal land agencies. 


I also stated that I was grateful for the opportunity to work with our lobbyist, Terry McHale on numerous legislation and policy issues that directly impact camping/staging, casual riding, and competition events.  And, that I wish AMA District 36 all the best.


In the meantime, I will continue to champion managed OHV education through the various education, safety, and training programs at QWR, remain engaged in the  FireScape Mendocino collaborative, help PWORA build capacity with post-fire recovery projects, and support local communities during active wildfires by being an on-call emergency driver for the North Zone Fire Cache.


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Monday, January 2, 2023


The Great Donstradamus has emerged from his cabin deep in an oak savanna located at a secret location in the Pacific Northwest with his OHV and resource management predictions for 2023.  He offers insights into key topics of the day such as Climate Change, E-Vehicles, DMV, OHV Safety, DAKAR 2023, Health Food, Wildfires, and other issues that affect the outdoor recreation community.


                                        DONSTRADAMUS PREDICTIONS FOR 2023

10- The Biden State Department recruits three representatives from the Dakar 2023 leadership team to serve as ambassadors to several countries in the Middle East and South America to bolster goodwill and partnerships with the United States.


9- A major motorcycle manufacturer announces production of a hybrid E-Adventure bike that adds a 125cc world engine powered by fossil fuel to increase driving range in backcountry locations.  The 125cc motor can charge the battery as needed and have the ability to solely propel a 500 to 600lb ADV motorcycle should the electric motor or main battery fail.


8- The US EPA presents a local or regional non-profit trail stewardship organization with their prestigious Environmental Merit Award for their work to maintain designated roads and trails on Forest Service and other public lands.   The EPA notes their commitment to work with other user groups and government agencies in a collaborative manner and for the significant amount of volunteer work done to keep trails open for both motorized and non-motorized recreational activities.


7-Federal land agencies make strong commitment to increase fuel reduction and post-wildfire mitigation projects along road and trail networks.  The agencies also continue to incorporate the addition of companion trails to the project planning process where there is a need to separate users of larger OHVs such a jeep-type vehicles and Side x Sides from smaller dirt-bikes and ATVs.  The planning goals are to increase safety,   enhance the travel experience, and provide additional routes to address the post-COVID growth of OHV use on public lands.


6- The CA DMV contracts with youthful tech wizards from the private sector to lead the process to upgrade their antiquated computer system.   This shift from the DMV’s reliance on in-house staff to using tech savvy computer experts from the business world with real work experience making products perform on a tight budget is revolutionary and hailed by the legislature and political pundits as a ground breaking move.  


5- More states join the effort to increase the safe operation of SxSs and other OHVs on public lands by requiring said OHV operators to either complete an online educational safety certification course and/or field training to operate a SxS or OHV on public lands.


4- Understanding the growing demand for dirt bikes with lower seat heights by riders that are less than 6 feet tall or seniors that have lost height due to degenerative bone disease or compression of the disk space between vertebras, several motorcycle companies roll out a line of trail bikes with lower seats.  These new models with seat heights of 28-30 inches are based on similar trail bikes with the taller seat heights of 35-36.5 inches.  Sales skyrocket as riders of all ages with shorter inseams celebrate and embrace these vehicles.


3- In an effort to depoliticize the highly charged term “Climate Change,”  leaders from the environmental movement, government,  and energy sectors meet at an historic conference and agree to use a new term -  “Changing Weather” – to describe droughts, floods, blizzards, fog, rain, sleet, hurricanes, and other weather events.   This new term acknowledges that weather changes and will continue to change for future generations and defuses at least one the political debates that often divides various communities.  Key negotiators for this agreement are awarded the Nobel Prize.


2- Health experts and nutritionists within the outdoor recreation communities create a vegan jerky to be used by trail enthusiasts who want to improve their diet and promote a healthy ecosystem.   This new product consists of a unique blend of taro root paste, finely ground biomass from pre and post wildfire mitigation projects, seaweed harvested by hand from ocean water in the Pacific Northwest, and organic figs.  The jerky pulp is then sundried on cedar planks and then cut into strips, packaged, and distributed to health food stores, MTB and motorcycle shops, sporting goods stores, and park concessionaires.  This timely product is hailed by almost all who try it.    


1- Recognizing the need to significantly increase the pace and scale of important role the fuel reduction projects on federal and private timberlands to reduce the number of mega wildfires occurring in the West, the asthma lobby votes in unison to strongly support expanding the use of prescribed fire.   Forest managers, rural communities, and citizens who object to the massive amounts of wildfire smoke produced during the hot summer months by mega fires in CA, OR, and WA applaud this new support.   Most air regulators agree this will reduce smoke impacts during fire season.







Tuesday, November 8, 2022


Helped at a Candidate's Forum in Redding, CA

ENGAGED IN THIS ELECTION?- As the founder of the Trail PAC (circa 2012 – 2016), I believe that OHV enthusiasts and other trail interests should be engaged in the political and election process because at the end of the Day… “ALL TRAIL DECISIONS ARE POLITICAL DECISIONS.”

As our nation exercises their right to vote, I want to ask my FB family how they were engaged in this election cycle? Participation includes but is not limited to - donating to a candidate, attending a candidate forum, run for office, working in a campaign, talking with your family/friends, etc. Feel free to post a comment.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Donstradamus Makes Top Ten OHV and Trail-based Recreation Predictions for 2022

*After a long hiatus, Donstradamus is back making his OHV recreation predictions for 2022.

10 - The COVID-related explosion in public land recreation and resultant sales increase in OHVs inspires state and federal land agencies to devote more resources to manage roads, trails, and facilities for both casual use and permitted competition events.


9 - Firefighting agencies will add recreation and trail specialists to their interdisciplinary teams to help them better identify ingress and egress routes that can be used by firefighters and resource professionals to manage wildfires in the West.


8- Federal land agencies address challenges created by both the growing popularity of electric Adventure motorcycles with limited range and the lack of recharging stations in remote backcountry areas by installing solar powered charging stations in campgrounds and decommissioned work stations or lookouts.


7- Environmental groups join forces with off-road organizations to halt wind and solar farms proposed for installation on sensitive habitat, scenic areas, or lands used for multiple-use recreation.  


6- The CA Air Resources Board reverses current effort to ban fossil fuel powered outdoor equipment such as generators, chainsaws, and OHVs after an articulate and passionate presentation given to them by rural powersports dealers,  mom and pop gas station owners, RV industry, OHV consultants, and forest/grassland pre and post wildfire mitigation experts.


5- Tech giant and international businessman, Elon Musk, assigns team of engineers and scientists to research and once-and-for-all solve the infamous “jeep death wobble” after reading about numerous complaints on various 4-wheel drive blogs.  Musk states this task might be his most difficult challenge and he is committed to find a solution.


4- Off-road racing champion partners with Kim Kardashian to create a new body spray that captures the scent of sweat, chain lube, and forest loam for use by customers who don’t have time to ride but want to smell like they did.  Sales soar with Generation Z and Generation Alpha customers.


3- A software company hires a number OHV advocates to create a video game where participants pretend to champion OHV issues in the following venues; state legislatures, land agencies, Congress, counties, and social media.  The gamer is considered a winner if they score a victory in any of the venues.


2- States that ended their reciprocity related to OHV registration/decals do an about face when they receive angry complaints by their residents who now have to pay for out-of-state permits in states with reciprocity requirements.   States with reciprocity enjoy marked increase in permit revenue.


1- Electric bicycle riders in large cities rejoice when major state and regional parks in California authorize their widespread use of nearby designated non-paved single-track trail systems.   The S.F Bay Area sees the largest celebrations.    


Sunday, November 1, 2020



Using our many years of political experience combined with input from nationally respected political operatives, the Recreation HQ’s Decision Desk is planning to call the election on Tuesday evening before our supporters call it a night.   We know this is a critical election and want to provide this service to you as part of our belief that “all land-use decisions are political decisions” --- that will impact your ability to recreate on designated roads, trails, and areas.  You have a right to know.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 12, 2019


Jody Phillips talks about Collaboration at OR Dunes NRA

The Oceano Dunes Access Alliance (ODAA) believes the newly released 7 minute video from Save the Riders Dunes and  can and should be reviewed by government agencies tasked with managing the Oceano Dunes SVRA for high quality OHV recreation and related conservation needs.

Dozer Removing Artificial Man-Made Foredunes


On November 14, 2019, ODAA members read our comment letter into the record during public testimony at the APCD Hearing Board Petition Related to Existing Stipulated Order of Abatement 17-01.

1952 Open Sand vs. 2006 Loss of Open Sand

ODAA continues to urge APCD, State Parks, OHV Commission, and Coastal Commission to review the mistakes (e.g. construction of man-made foredune structures and ill-advised vegetation projects) made  at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area by government agencies and other stakeholders in a misguided effort to “help” the dunes.

Today, OHV, conservation groups, and agencies are working together to manage the Oregon Dunes for future generations.  Part of that new effort is to restore (e.g. remove) man-made foredune structures and invasive vegetation.  

ODAA believes that collaboration not closure is the best model to follow for future OHV and other outdoor recreation activities at Oceano Dunes SVRA.

ODAA thanks you in advance for reviewing this video and for your ongoing support of managed high quality OHV recreation and camping opportunities at Oceano Dunes SVRA.

# # #

Monday, November 11, 2019

VETERANS DAY TRIBUTE - Protect Access to Public Lands

VETERANS DAY TRIBUTE – Protect Access to Public Lands

Since OHV recreation is a very popular family activity for those who serve or have served in the military, I think one way to honor that service on Veterans Day is for those of us who have advocacy roles to continue fighting for their freedom to enjoy access to public lands.

Ocean-based sand recreation on the West Coast is a precious commodity and is enjoyed by many military families.  Two of the most popular ocean sand OHV areas are Oceano Dunes SVRA in California and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA). 

About 10 years ago, the Forest Service that operates the ODNRA was developing a travel plan that included onerous closure-oriented management prescriptions based mostly on political science vs. sound science.

When Congress created the ODNRA in the early 1970s it was a 40,000 acre prehistoric dune complex that was largely open sand with very little vegetation.  Almost immediately, the agency and other stakeholders planted invasive plant species to control moving sand and dust caused by large wind events.

Those efforts over many years converted that large open sand structure into an unnatural forested landscape that was detrimental to critical species such as the western snowy plover and eliminated
about 90% of the open sand OHV recreation opportunities that existed at the time of its congressional designation.

Fortunately, the OHV recreation community got engaged and is working with the Forest Service and conservation groups to employ effective science-based management practices that enhance the OHV recreation experience and improves wildlife habitat.

Testimony presented at the recent CA OHV Commission hearing on Oceano Dunes SVRA has day-lighted  the fact that most, if not all, of the Park’s dust mitigation measures are arbitrary and also based largely on political science instead of sound science. 

That reality means the greater OHV community at Oceano must continue to challenge the ongoing efforts of regulators to close most, or all, of the park to OHV recreation.

Today, let’s recommit ourselves to protect and preserve our freedoms to access Oceano SVRA and other public lands in a responsible manner for current and future generations.