Sunday, May 30, 2010

The General's Memorial Day Tribute 2010

On this special weekend, I want to express my gratitude to our fallen heroes who fought for our freedom. It is a precious gift that we must treasure, respect, defend, and pass on to future generations.
PHOTO: Don Amador at 60th Anniversary of D-Day Wreath above Omaha Beach
Some of you know, I grew up on the outskirts of Eureka, California in a small community called Cutten. The General was born in 1954 and was too young to have served in Vietnam even though I had registered for the draft, but had gotten high draft numbers in 1972 and later until the draft ended so I was not called. One of my older childhood friends, Gary Wilson, had been shot down and killed in a helicopter. Another older friend was Terry Foster who got shot through the neck while on patrol and thankfully he survived.
I sometimes feel guilty that I did not serve in the military. I have shared those regrets with some of my military friends in the ongoing fight to protect access to public lands.
One of those persons was Frank Price (he was a Korean War vet and access advocate in the Bakersfield area). He told me not to worry about not serving in the military because I was now working in another cause for freedom – protecting the public’s (and returning service men and women) right to use and enjoy the people’s land.
It was after my co-facilitation, including help from the SAMs Coalition, of the 2000 Protest of the Clinton National Monument in the Sequoia National Forest that Frank Price bestowed on me the title of The General.
Article on 2000 Rally/Protest of Clinton National Monument (with rally photos)

I don’t wear the title of The General as some sort of military-oriented self-tribute because I did not serve in the military, but rather as a commitment to my Dad, Frank Price and all those (including readers of this blog) who have served and sacrificed for our country that I will never give up the fight and will seek to inspire and lead men and women onto the field of battle for access to public lands.
Again, my deepest appreciation to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to the families left behind. My appreciation also goes out to those who have served and continue to serve. God Bless.

In addition, I wanted to share a couple of songs with you on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Spiritual Tone - “You are Not Forgotten” - this song is a tribute to our troops

Rock Tone - “If I Die Tomorrow” - this song is a tribute to troops
On this Memorial Weekend... The Recreation HQ thanks you for your service!

Friday, May 28, 2010

OHV Public Enemy Number One?

Once again the far left enviro community launches an unjustified attack on OHV by lumping riders in with drug dealers and vandals who break into government buildings.
The Recreation HQ has seen the new “report” issued by our not-so-good friends at PEER.

New 2010 PEER Report on Violence Against Federal Officers

At the bottom of the news release you will see a link to PEER’s 2007 “report” that OHVers posed a major threat to the peace and security of this nation.

Link to 2007 PEER OHV Report

After the 2007 PEER report came out, The General intuitively felt the report was bogus. A number of federal law enforcement officers were contacted by HQ and were asked if they had taken the PEER “OHV violence” survey. None of the officers had even heard of the report let alone had filled-out the survey. Rather, it looked like PEER had cherry-picked a hand-full of rangers who had a bias against the OHV community.

The General is a native of Northern California and knows a lot of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. In fact, many are BRC members and are also regular followers of this blog. Most, if not all of those officers would tell you that commercial dope growers, poachers, those who steal timber and other natural resources, and various other non-OHV crimes are where they focus most of their law enforcement efforts on federal lands. Addressing “OHV crimes” is at the bottom of most of those work piles.

However, The General is concerned that new law enforcement training at federal academies appear to be teaching recruits that OHV recreation is a major crime factor. Newbies to the field appear to consider family OHV recreation as an enemy and one that should considered “guilty” simply because they drive a jeep, own a dirt-bike or ride an ATV.

Those new law enforcement officers in California appear to be relishing the opportunity to set up sting operations to cite riders that venture onto the thousands of miles of roads and trails --- many of which are still on Forest Maps and have carsonites on them -- that are being closed by TMR. Or worse yet, misinterpret the MVUMs and cite or harass riders that are riding on legal routes.

The Recreation HQ urges riders to obey the MVUMs (if you can read and understand them) as various groups like BRC work with rural counties to keep historic OHV trails open for public use. The General would also urge federal line officers to phase in implementation and the subsequent enforcement of the MVUMs just as the state did with the 96dBA sound law or as CHP did with the seat-belt law.

Feedback is welcome on this subject from riders, land managers, and law enforcement.
Feel free to post a comment or send The General a PM at:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Butte County Uses Common Sense to Address OHV Noise Issue

The Recreation HQ was pleased to hear about how common sense prevailed at the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday where a potential new OHV ordinance was being considered to restrict OHV use on private land.
PHOTO: Quest Type 1 Sound Meter

As the news article below points out, the BOS was addressing this issue because of several inconsiderate (i.e. spodes) track owners who apparently don’t care if they violate important tenets of being a “good neighbor.”

News Article on Butte County OHV Agenda Item

BRC was contacted about this on May 24 by one of our members (and darn good rider) who wanted us to convey some land-use management prescriptions to the BOS to that they would not impact families who ride on their own private property in a responsible manner. (we all remember the Riverside debacle – see 2004 BRC News Release below)

BRC Letter to Butte County on Proposed OHV Ordinance

Thanks also to AMA for sending out an action alert on short notice[capwiz:queue_id]

The General wants to commend the riders who showed up and championed responsible OHV recreation. HQ again wants to thank the BOS for using a flyswatter instead of a sledgehammer to address inconsiderate track owners.

Riding responsibly with a “sound” land-use ethic should not be relegated to just our public lands. Rather, it should be a concept that we use when riding on private property as well.

Be a Quiet Warrior or be shut down... your choice.


Monday, May 24, 2010

New OHV Program Manager at Stonyford

The Recreation HQ is glad to be able to share some good news with those riders who frequent the Mendocino National Forest. Besides working sound tech at the 2010 SheetIron 300 Dual Sport Ride this last weekend, I had the privilege (before the event) of touring some of the trails at the Stonyford OHV Area with Sarah Ridenour, the new OHV Program Manager for the area.
PHOTO - Sarah Ridenour, new OHV program manager at Stonyford.

She comes from working at the OHV program at CA State Parks where she was experienced in trail layout, construction, and maintenance. Having a high quality maintained trail system for use by the public is her passion and it was great to see a FS employee enjoy being out on the trail. Besides giving her an overview of the area, we pre-rode some of the SheetIron 300 single-track trails to check for downed trees and deep snow. Both of which we found plenty of.

In the coming days and months there will be plenty of time for us to address the many challenges that face OHV recreation. But for just one day, let us be thankful that we have a new OHV manager (and good rider) at Stonyford and let’s commit to help her do her job either as a trail volunteer, a supporter of the program, or a good steward of the land.

Thanks for your support and service!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Recreation HQ is Closed May 19-23

The General will be in the field doing recon and other OHV recreation-related duties.

Will return to HQ on May 24.

Thanks for your service!

Thank You and Site Specific NEPA

The Recreation HQ wants to thank all the riders who donated to the Six Rivers Lawsuit yesterday. It is clear that you understand the importance of this case as it relates to the misuse of TMR to obliterate perfectly good access roads without a public process.

Several of you asked for an example of where a Forest does public scoping before it rips a road or does some other “ground disturbing” activity. Well, one such example is provided below where the Stanislaus NF sent out a public notice about an OHV Restoration Project.

Stanislaus NF Scoping Letter for OHV Restoration Project

The issue in the Six Rivers Lawsuit is not about decommissioning unneeded roads or the restoration of routes that have serious environmental impacts. For years, BRC and other OHV groups have supported restoration projects that have been vetted and approved via a public process. In fact, the CA OHV program requires that NEPA be complete before any restoration (or in fact any FS project including building a staging area, etc.) project is grant funded.

I know the access community in the Smith River area would also support the decommissioning of unneeded roads if the Forest had vetted them with site specific NEPA.

Stay tuned as this legal issue works its way through the courts.

Thanks for your donations and support!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Historic Lawsuit Filed in Northern California to Challenge Illegal Road Ripping

The Recreation HQ wanted to let his readers know that a very historic and important proactive OHV access lawsuit was filed on May 13 in federal district court in SF to challenge illegal road ripping (i.e. decommissioning) and the publication of Motor Vehicle Use Maps without a public process.
PHOTO: New "Culvert Canyon" created during rainy season
The General believes this is the first time in CA where a county has joined access interests to challenge illegal road closures by the federal government. The importance of this case cannot be overstated since aggressive road ripping appears to be a key tenet of the preservationist groups as it relates to TMR.

It appears that some or all of this case will be heard in Eureka by Judge Nandor Vadas.

BRC News Release with Photo of “Culvert Canyon”

With thousands of miles to roads and trails being “identified” in TMR for closure, it is important that OHV makes sure the FS does the site-specific NEPA required for ground-disturbing activities and not use MVUMs as a closure tool to pre-ordain which roads and trails will be permanently removed from future public use.

If you are one of those riders who said they were waiting to donate to a “pro-active” lawsuit to protect access… well here is that case and your chance to pony up. The OHV community at large cannot expect small local clubs to foot the bill on this historic and potentially groundbreaking case.

To Donate Go to:

and type in amount and in the special instructions space type… “Six Rivers Lawsuit”

Feel free to comment on this blog or send The General a private message

Thanks for your support and service!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Road Ripping is Coming to a Forest Near You

As the Recreation HQ waits for the Six Rivers complaint to be delivered to federal district court in San Francisco, The General wanted to give riders new to this blog a quick history lesson on the topic of travel management rule-related road-ripping (the politically correct or sanitized term is decommissioning).

Some of you may ask just how did this all get started and what groups are behind it? Well, it started out in the Clinton-Gore administration as a well orchestrated (I don’t use the term conspiracy … I just say darn good planning) effort between federal agents and anti-OHV groups such as the Center of the Prevention of Roads, Trout Unlimited, The Wilderness Society, and many others including the California Wilderness Coalition who got their head anti-OHV guy (Paul Spitler) appointed to the CA OHV Commission in 2000.

It is interesting to note that several driving forces in the Clinton administration are now king pins in the groups pushing subpart A of TMR and use of federal funds via the Legacy Roads Initiative to aggressively rip thousands of miles of good roads and jeep trails throughout the country.

Info on Legacy Roads (and Trails!!!) Remediation Initiative

Wildlands Center for the Prevention of Roads (note FS anti-roads guy Jim Furnish as one of the board members)

Trout Unlimited (my good friend Chris Wood – a FS lieutenant in the 90s and master strategist (he is a good fisherman by the way) of the Clinton Roadless Rule and other plans). Chris Woods’ 2010 TU Letter to the FS on Road Decommissioning
The Wilderness Society and Road Ripping
The Aforementioned Paul Spitler (fmr. OHV Commissioner) at The Wilderness Society

History of the CA Route Inventory Process (RID) and how Spitler/enviros used the CA program to lay the groundwork for the 2005 TMR and the landscape level trail closures we are seeing on the Shasta Trinity NF and the illegal road ripping that is being challenged in court on the Six Rivers NF.

Enviros continue to bully Region 5 and threaten lawsuits if the FS does not follow their template on issues such as mixed-use, non-designation of “unauthorized” trails, and road decommissioning. As you are beginning to see (many pro-access FS staffers and The General saw this in 2001 as the CA RID process was promoted by enviros, the FS, State Parks, and even some OHV groups), TMR is being used by enviros and some in the agency to implement the closure agenda that was started in the mid 1990s.

Just how road-ripping impacts OHV Wars has yet to be seen. Be assured The General has planned for the fight and asks you to join him.

Thanks for your service!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Historic OHV Lawsuit To Be Filed in CA

The Recreation HQ wanted to let all riders, FS, BLM, law enforcement, retired military, politicians, enviros, and other folks who read this blog know that a very historic and important proactive OHV access lawsuit will be filed very soon to protest illegal road-ripping (i.e. decommissioning) and the publication of Motor Vehicle Use Maps without a public process.
PHOTO: The General on The High Dome Trail in the Smith River NRA

It is only when all sides of the land use equation get treated in a fair manner that good decisions can be made. Thanks for your service!
Feel free to send The General a PM or post a note on this blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Green Cabal and IMBA Push or Support Stonyford Designation

The Recreation HQ thanks a local OHV advocate in the San Jose area for the heads-up yesterday regarding IMBA’s support for a National Conservation Area designation for much of the Mendocino National Forest including the Stonyford OHV Area. As many of you know, a NCA designation historically by definition restricts motorized access and at the end of the day (i.e. King Range NCA) usually BANs OHV use via regulations or the eventual “Wilderness” designation.

IMBA Blog on Wilderness Conference and Stonyford NCA

See HQ Blog on IMBA Drinking Wilderness Kool-Aid with OHV War History Lesson

While researching IMBA’s support for hosing OHV use and other multiple-uses (while naturally promoting mtn. bike use) on the Mendocino National Forest, The General was not surprised to see the green cabal of the usual suspects (The Wilderness Society, California Wilderness Coalition, and the Sierra Club) and a new group called Tuleyome pushing for a NCA (or Monument) designation for the Stonyford OHV Area.

The Wilderness Society Overview of Snow Mountain/Stonyford NCA Proposal

Tuleyome Overview with Maps and Outline of Stonyford Proposal

As DOI continues to stonewall BRC and pro-access congressional representatives on our requests for documents related to national monument designations at Stonyford and elsewhere, The General believes the aforementioned pro-Wilderness groups will be the ones found to be actually driving the Obama National Monument plan vs. Interior bureaucrats concocting this scheme in a vacuum.

Article on Congressional Hearing Yesterday

Yes folks there is bad news, the OHV Wars continue. Battles will continue at Clear Creek, the Eldorado NF, and at Oceano Dunes and Carnegie SVRAs. New battles will be fought at Stonyford, the AZ and CO OHV programs, the OR Dunes, and other OHV areas.

However, the good news is that we have rural counties stepping up to the plate and joining our fight against land closures. Both Glenn and Colusa counties have passed resolutions against the Stonyford Obamument. San Benito County just reopened their county roads and has sent letters of support for historic OHV use at Clear Creek. Shasta County is filing an appeal on the Shasta Trinity travel plan. Others like Del Norte County are fighting back as well. Be strong, we are not alone any longer.

The General, once again, wants to thank all of you who have answered the call to join in the fight and defend our access rights.

To Join BRC or donate to the cause go to:

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Ages and Large Buffer Zones Return to Congress

As certain congressional representatives voted against giving H.R. 1254 an affirmative recommendation to force the Department of Interior to hand over approximately 2,000 pages of documents that are being withheld from Congress, The General is reminded of the Dark Ages where information was also withheld from the public.

*Photo: The General on a designated OHV trail in the middle of the proposed Stonyford Obamument
May 5 info on the 2,000 pages of info being withheld from Congress

May 5 News Release with links to video clips of House testimony today

The General also wants riders to know that he, on behalf of BRC, has contacted DOI’s
Open Government Initiative today reminding them of Obama’s directive to share information with the public and to get a status report of BRC’s FOIA Appeal.

Info on DOI Open Government Initiative

BRC legal is also watching this issue and may have to file a lawsuit demanding the agency turnover information regarding the Stonyford Obamument as requested in the Feb. 19 FOIA/March 17 FOIA Appeal.

The Recreation HQ will keep you advised regarding DOI’s response to our request for a status update on the BRC FOIA Appeal.

HQ also wants to thank the Members of Congress who fought for our access rights today regarding H.R. 1254. Congressman Rob Bishop should also be commended for his fight today to try and include amendments that would prevent anti-access groups from basing “closure” lawsuits on arbitrary “buffer zones” that extend for 200-300 miles around the boundaries of National Monuments and National Parks.

Let’s all hope that the Dark Ages are relegated to our history books and are not part of our present day politics.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BRC and Shasta County to File Appeals on Shasta Trinity NF Travel Plan

The Trinity Journal got one thing right… that BRC, Shasta County and other groups will be filing appeals on a travel plan that functionally closes almost 100% of the single track motorcycle and ATV trails less than 50 inches in width that are currently in use on the Forest.
PHOTO: The General on a trail closed in the travel plan

The General is not quite sure what Trinity County Supervisor means when she said that, “There was not much input from off-highway vehicle riders in this area as the proposals were being considered.”

On the contrary, The Recreation HQ is aware that groups like the Redding Dirt Riders and the Recreation Outdoor Coalition submitted maps with over 800 miles of premier single track trails and mixed use roads recommended for designation but those comments were purposely ignored by the Shasta Trinity National Forest.

As the May 10 deadline for filing an appeal draws closer, The General believes the Forest has created a fatally flawed document that does not meet the spirit and intent of the Travel Management Rule. The Recreation HQ hopes that local counties will file an appeal and stand up for the access rights of their local citizens. At the end of the day when the federal government rules against the people the county government is our best hope to find resolution.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Joins Obamument Fight

The Recreation HQ thanks all of you who have sent letters to Congress asking them to support H.R 1254 – the bill to order the Dept. of Interior to hand over secret documents about their 3rd party discussions with pro-Wilderness groups to designate a number of National Monuments including one at the Stonyford OHV Area.
PHOTO: Designated Motorcycle Trail in Stonyford OHV Area.
Besides Members of Congress joining the fight, it looks like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has weighed in with its letter today of support for H.R. 1254.

May 3, 2010 Chamber of Commerce Letter of Support for H.R. 1254

The hearing on H.R. 1254 is on May 5 and I know that your continued support on this issue is still needed. If you have not sent a letter to your Member of Congress, please do so now at the link below and ask your friends to do the same.

BRC Alert with Link to ARRA Letter Generator

Thanks for your continued efforts on this and other fights.