Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CARNEGIE SVRA - Post Alameda County BOS Meeting Update - You Get Who You Vote For

Don Getting Ready to Enter the Political Arena

The Recreation HQ wants to thank all of you who sent in letters and/or attended the Alameda County Board of Supervisor’s meeting today in Oakland.

The proceedings today reminded me of an old political adage… “You get what/who you vote for.”   It was clear from the outset that the board had already made up its mind to support the staff letter. 

Dad and Kids Speak in Favor of Carnegie

What was different about today’s board meeting is that both sides of the debate showed up in force.  There was a great turnout by OHV groups and regular folks who spoke in favor of the Carnegie SVRA General Plan.

Dave Pickett, AMA D36, Speaks to Board

Besides the OHV group representatives, there was a family of Carnegie riders that supported the plan.  There were also two female environmental activists who were also dirt bike riders who said they reviewed the plan and felt it was a good general plan.  A rider in his leather jacket made a special trip just to speak in favor of the general plan.

Interested Rider Speaks in Favor of Carnegie General Plan

Both the board and board staff made it perfectly clear to the audience that the state is the lead agency and that all they can do is basically comment on what they feel are the plan’s deficiencies and where it appears to be in conflict with the county’s regulations and open space policy.

Board President, Scott Haggerty, told the audience that he used to ride dirt bikes in the old days and that his current stance on OHV can be a source of trouble during the holiday season when pro-OHVers in the family take him to task on his anti-access political views.

Haggerty also lamented that the former state legislators (Mark DeSaulnier and Joan Buchanan) failed to kill the Carnegie plan when they were in office.  Nice!

AMA's Nick Haris Speaks to the Board 
At the end of the day, this is all political.  I don’t think anybody expected the board to burn political capital by voting in favor of the general plan even though it was pointed out to them that the East Bay Regional Park District provides NO OHV recreation.

HQ looks forward to this fall when the Final General Plan (once reviewed by Division) is submitted to the OHV Commission for an up or down vote.  It is that political body that has the statutory authority to decide the fate of the expansion area and the future of OHV at Carnegie.

*Groups at the Meeting: AMA Dist. 36, AMA, BRC, CAL4WD, CORVA, and QWR.

Friday, June 19, 2015

CODE RED ACTION ALERT - Send Carnegie SVRA Support Letter to Alameda County Board of Supervisors


Letters Needed by June 22

Many of you have been sending in a comment letters to the Carnegie SVRA planning team in support of the Draft EIR for the proposed Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) General Plan Revision (GPR).  THANK YOU.

However, while you were sending in comment letters - the Alameda County Board of Supervisors placed the Carnegie SVRA General Plan on the agenda for their June 23, 2015 board meeting.   The board will be taking public comment on the draft comment letter (see link below) prepared for them by county planning staff.   This item is expected to be heard at 11 a.m. at the following address:

Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Board Chambers, 5th Floor
1221 Oak Street, Oakland
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Please attend if you can.  A large turnout is needed to show the voter/political support for Carnegie SVRA.  If you cannot attend, please send in a comment letter stating your support for Carnegie.  Please include your name, address, and email or phone number.


Draft Letter Prepared by County Staff

The HQ has crafted up a short letter that you may use as a template and please include personal information about how your family enjoys Carnegie SVRA.  If you are a SxS or 4WD owner, you may want to voice your support for the new opportunities being afforded you on the 3,100 acre expansion area.


Scott Haggerty, President, Board of Supervisors
c/o Alameda County Planning Department
224 West Winton Avenue, Room 111
Hayward, CA 94544

RE: Draft EIR for the proposed Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area (SVRA) General Plan Revision (GPR), State Clearinghouse Number 2012052027

Dear President Haggerty and Fellow Board Members:

After reviewing the draft letter on the Carnegie SVRA General Plan Revision prepared by Alameda County Planning staff for the board at its June 23, 2015 board meeting, I am concerned about its biased nature and lack of objectivity.

I don’t believe county staff included important information related to how State Parks used legislatively appropriated OHV Trust Funds to acquire an additional 3,100 acres of neighboring lands to provide expanded OHV recreation opportunities.

I don’t believe county staff informed the board about how this plan will help meet the regional demand for managed OHV recreation and how the expansion area will provide new and important touring and backcountry type experiences for 4WDs and SxSs on sustainable trails.

I don’t believe county staff informed the board about how this project complies with existing statutes (SB 742) and subsequent revisions which authorizes and directs California State Parks to implement and administer a program to manage and enhance off-highway motor vehicle recreational uses, and motorized off-highway access to non-motorized recreation (Public Resources Code, Sections 5090.01 et seq.)

I don’t believe county staff informed the board regarding OHMVR’s ongoing cultural resource protection program at Carnegie SVRA and how those efforts might reduce or mitigate impacts to cultural and historic resources

I don’t believe county staff informed the board regarding OHMVR’s ongoing resource protection program at Carnegie SVRA and how those wildlife monitoring and restoration programs might actually help the county maintain or enhance biological diversity in East County. 

Based on the lack of important information, I urge the Board to table a vote on this issue until county staff addresses our concerns and reissues a more objective report and/or recommendation.  I also ask for the Board’s support for this plan when it is taken up for a vote.

Thanks in advance for your review of my concerns.

Respectfully submitted,

John Doe
123  Lane
Any town, USA


I hope to see many of you there and, once again, thanks for your efforts on behalf of responsible OHV recreation at Carnegie SVRA!