Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Historic Lawsuit Filed in Northern California to Challenge Illegal Road Ripping

The Recreation HQ wanted to let his readers know that a very historic and important proactive OHV access lawsuit was filed on May 13 in federal district court in SF to challenge illegal road ripping (i.e. decommissioning) and the publication of Motor Vehicle Use Maps without a public process.
PHOTO: New "Culvert Canyon" created during rainy season
The General believes this is the first time in CA where a county has joined access interests to challenge illegal road closures by the federal government. The importance of this case cannot be overstated since aggressive road ripping appears to be a key tenet of the preservationist groups as it relates to TMR.

It appears that some or all of this case will be heard in Eureka by Judge Nandor Vadas.

BRC News Release with Photo of “Culvert Canyon”

With thousands of miles to roads and trails being “identified” in TMR for closure, it is important that OHV makes sure the FS does the site-specific NEPA required for ground-disturbing activities and not use MVUMs as a closure tool to pre-ordain which roads and trails will be permanently removed from future public use.

If you are one of those riders who said they were waiting to donate to a “pro-active” lawsuit to protect access… well here is that case and your chance to pony up. The OHV community at large cannot expect small local clubs to foot the bill on this historic and potentially groundbreaking case.

To Donate Go to:

and type in amount and in the special instructions space type… “Six Rivers Lawsuit”

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Thanks for your support and service!

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