Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obamuments, April 16 White House Conservation Summit, and You

The Recreation HQ has been following the “National Monuments” issue with a keen interest. A lot OHVers and mostly legislators from Western States have sounded the alarm based on secret documents uncovered which showed a plan for the designation of what The General now calls “Obamuments.”
PHOTO: FWMC's Dale (L) and Randy (C) and CERA's Clark (R) on the Ladybug Trail a designated OHV trail in the proposed Stonyford Obamument

BRC Submitted a Letter to Congress regarding Obamuments on Feb. 19

On that same day, The General (on behalf of BRC) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see who was driving this plan. When he got a letter back from the Department of Interior that they could not find any information because they only looked on the Secretary’s desk – The General filed a FOIA Appeal and is still waiting for a response.

FOIA Appeal

The Recreation HQ appreciates the phone calls that many of you have made to your Congressman regarding your concerns about the Stonyford OHV Area being named as a potential Obamument. Riders are lucky that Stonyford happens to be in the congressional district of Congressman Wally Herger – a champion of public land access.

Article on Cong. Herger’s Fight Against Obamuments

Glenn County Joins Fight Against Stonyford Obamument

This story now gets even more complex with the unofficial announcement today in the LA Times of an April 16 White House Summit on the Great Outdoors to address national monuments, conservation, recreation, and other issues.

LA Times Article on Conservation/Outdoor Summit,0,371471.story

As The General awaits a response from DOI on his FOIA appeal this week, it will be interesting to see just who from the recreation community will be invited to the April 16 Summit. If it is anything like the Obamacare summits, you will see “recreation” groups like Trout Unlimited, IMBA, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, PEER/Rangers for Responsible Recreation and other pro-Wilderness organizations sitting at the table speaking for motorized groups like BRC, ISMA, ARRA, AMA, and United 4WD.

At this moment, the Recreation HQ is willing to give the Obama administration a chance to dispel our concerns about how the President will treat the legitimate voices for continued access to public lands. The HQ will know soon who is invited and that list will tell the story.

Stay tuned this week as Congress and the Recreation HQ continues to press the administration for Obamument documents that were obviously the product of many roundtable discussions between government agencies and preservation groups.

Thanks for your service and support!

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