Monday, March 22, 2010

Stonyford Monument/NCA Gains Traction

The Recreation HQ was not surprised when it read today’s article on a proposed National Monument or National Conservation Area designation in Northern California that includes the Stonyford OHV Area on the Mendocino National Forest.

March 22 LA Times Article,0,7702234.story?track=rss


PHOTO: BRC's Don Amador on Designated Trail on Goat Mountain that is in Monument/NCA Proposal

After reading that article, I emailed the Times Reporter and reminded her of the FOIA appeal that was filed last week by BRC’s Don Amador.

BRC News Release on FOIA Appeal

The General made sure Ms. Cart was aware that the largest destination OHV area in Northern California was smack dab in the center of that proposal and that it is also host to a correctional facility.

Info on Correctional Facility and impending legislation – S. 1571

In the Recreation HQ’s Feb. 19 blog on the Obama Monument scheme you will see how this appears to be another battle in OHV Wars.

Feb 19 blog with OHV War history and BRC letter on the Monument issue

The General has been telling the troops that now is not the time to relax. Rather, it is time to gear up and prepare to aggressively defend your sport and favorite family activity.

Stay tuned and engaged. Also, if you have not joined or donated lately to BRC or your favorite OHV group do so today and ask your friends to do the same.

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Thanks for your service!

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