Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mill Fire Salvage Sale Makes No Cents!

Is This the Future of OHV at Stonyford for the Next 2-3 Years?
As some of you already know, the Mendocino NF issued a public notice on Nov. 20 for comment on the Mill Fire Salvage and Hazard Tree Removal Project.  Public comments are due by Dec. 17.
Mill Fire Salvage Scoping Letter (with contact info)
Mill Fire Salvage Project Info
Mill Fire Salvage Project Map
While HQ historically supports responsible timber/salvage sales, this plan hardly mentions OHV recreation. In addition, the proposal functionally closes the area until late spring/early summer 2014 for both casual riding and permitted OHV events.  I also think this proposal seriously undermines the agency’s credibility with the OHV community and other stakeholders.
It appears many important connector roads and trails will be closed during logging/treatment.  Again, this could mean no enduros in 2013 and possibly 2014.  The proposal gives no estimate on when the trails could be re-opened for casual use.  Again, OHV recreation is hardly mentioned.  There is no mention of what this functional closure would have on the largest FS destination OHV area north of the Grapevine. There is no mitigation for repairing the trail system.  At 20K/mile (or more), it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix obliterated trails. 
Also, there is no mention of the sale’s impact on the current and ongoing post-fire trail restoration efforts. 
The proposal does not address what HQ feels is a critical matter and that is dealing with the knobcone pine infestation (and the beetles/bugs that are eating them) on Sullivan Ridge and the Potato Hill area. How would this closure of the area impact the potential for grants during the closure time? 
All of the affected trails listed below would be most likely converted from a system trail to a road and closed during the logging operation.   At a minimum, a project like this would have to have project level NEPA to analyze the conversion of 50 inch or wider system trails to roads.
Initial List of Impacted (e.g. closed/obliterated routes by salvage sale)
Trails 03, 11, 13, 14, 15, 20, 22, 33, 35, and 36.
4WD/OHV route/roads – 17N02, 17N14, 17N62B, 17N62C, 17N95, and 17N97 
Be assured that HQ and BRC will be sharing our concerns with the FS, users, and conservation groups about what appears to be an ill-advised plan.  This proposal as currently crafted is nothing more than an appeal and/or litigation magnate.  I expect the FS will get hit from both sides of the land-use spectrum unless this plan is withdrawn or rewritten.
This proposal does not make any cents!  (Yes, I mean cents as in wasted taxpayer and green sticker monies)
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HQ Supports New CA State Park Director


The Recreation HQ believes Governor Brown made a very good choice in tapping Major General Anthony L. Jackson to be the new State Park Director.

SVC News Article (Nov. 14)

The article states… “As Commanding General, Jackson has worked on a wide variety of state and federal legislative issues…  He routinely met with and briefed state and federal legislative leaders and elected officials on issues such as renewable energy generation, fire suppression, state parks and off-highway vehicle use.”

HQ believes Director Jackson understands and appreciates the important role that responsible OHV recreation plays in this state.   HQ also believes that his appointment will soon lead to the appointment of a Deputy Director at OHMVR.

Thanks for your interest in OHV recreation.



Monday, November 12, 2012

OR Dunes Update - Rally at Riley Ranch (Nov. 17)

The Recreation HQ wants to make sure all fans of the Oregon Dunes know about the Rally at Riley Ranch on Nov. 17 (1-4pm).   As many of you know, the Forest Service released their DEIS for travel management of the dunes last month.   HQ believes it ignores good science and best management practices by trying to implement the closure oriented 1994 Clinton-Gore era travel plan.

BRC Alert on DEIS Comment Period – Comment Period Ends Dec. 10


Here is a link for directions to the Coos County OHV Park at Riley Ranch (a cool place!)


Here is link to HQ blog on Oct. 22 with more info on the proposed travel plan (video of proposed trails to be closed)


BRC has set up an "OR Dunes Account" at its main office where folks can donate via PayPal or snail mail.  This account will be used strictly to help fund BRC involvement with the two separate but related land use issues at the Dunes.

BRC Online donations


You are asked to click on the "General Fund" account which allows any funds collected to be used if needed in legal action.  Then you are asked to type in the blank space..."Oregon Dunes Account"

Again, these funds will be used for BRC work regarding Dune recreation.


Here is Facebook link to the event on Nov. 17 (1-4pm).  HQ understands that there will be special speakers including elected officials, business leaders, and other VIPs… including the most important VIPs (the riders who use the dunes!)


Here is link to the 2011 tour that BRC’s Don Amador took last summer of the dunes

Thanks for your attention to this important riding area.







Friday, November 2, 2012

Update - Eldorado NF SEIS Comments Due Nov. 7

The Recreation HQ wants to remind riders that the comment period for the Eldorado NF's
SEIS -- that addresses the "42 meadow routes" that were ordered closed this last summer by a federal court -- are due on Nov. 7.  Many of those routes are popular "high country" trails used by OHVers after the winter snow melts.

BRC has issued an updated alert today on this issue.  The alert below contains some key bullet points for you to consider when making your comments.  Also, it is important for users to talk about the importance of specific routes referenced in the SEIS/Proposed Action.

Nov. 2 BRC Alert (with talking points)

Here is the snail mail address for your comments:

Be sure and put: Eldorado NF SEIS in the subject line.

Kathryn D. Hardy
Forest Supervisor
Eldorado National Forest
100 Forni Road
Placerville, CA 95667

Email to:

Thanks for your efforts on this subject.