Monday, November 12, 2012

OR Dunes Update - Rally at Riley Ranch (Nov. 17)

The Recreation HQ wants to make sure all fans of the Oregon Dunes know about the Rally at Riley Ranch on Nov. 17 (1-4pm).   As many of you know, the Forest Service released their DEIS for travel management of the dunes last month.   HQ believes it ignores good science and best management practices by trying to implement the closure oriented 1994 Clinton-Gore era travel plan.

BRC Alert on DEIS Comment Period – Comment Period Ends Dec. 10


Here is a link for directions to the Coos County OHV Park at Riley Ranch (a cool place!)


Here is link to HQ blog on Oct. 22 with more info on the proposed travel plan (video of proposed trails to be closed)


BRC has set up an "OR Dunes Account" at its main office where folks can donate via PayPal or snail mail.  This account will be used strictly to help fund BRC involvement with the two separate but related land use issues at the Dunes.

BRC Online donations


You are asked to click on the "General Fund" account which allows any funds collected to be used if needed in legal action.  Then you are asked to type in the blank space..."Oregon Dunes Account"

Again, these funds will be used for BRC work regarding Dune recreation.


Here is Facebook link to the event on Nov. 17 (1-4pm).  HQ understands that there will be special speakers including elected officials, business leaders, and other VIPs… including the most important VIPs (the riders who use the dunes!)


Here is link to the 2011 tour that BRC’s Don Amador took last summer of the dunes

Thanks for your attention to this important riding area.







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