Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Recreation HQ was glad to see the news today about recreation groups winning a TMR-related court case.
PHOTO: A popular jeep trail in a roadless area on the Eldorado NF
See BRC News Release on Court Victory

BRC and partners are fighting for our right to ride, by addressing egregious examples of where the Forest Service (or BLM) is arbitrarily closing too many OHV routes in the TMR decisions.

Current BRC Legal Docket on Page 23 of the BRC Feb Online Magazine

In some cases, BRC files as an intervenor to stand with the federal agencies (even if we don’t always agree with their final decision) and defend a travel plan from being overturned and having OHV faced with potentially even more closures in a subsequent plan) or sometimes we file a complaint against the agency.

Just how this court decision will impact potential route losses of biblical proportions on some Forests (such as is expected in the Shasta-Trinity Travel Plan) is hard to say. However, The General wants you to know that his office is actively engaged in the land use fight and wants riders to know when we do win a battle.

Stay involved and engaged.

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Thanks for your service!

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  1. Great news on the Lewis and Clark National Forest decision and the implications it may have in future cases....
    one for the good guys