Thursday, March 4, 2010

Congressman Jim Costa Weighs into Clear Creek Fight

The unexplainable gritty determination of BLM to kick OHV and the public out of Clear Creek is bizarre and does not pass the smell test.

The size and scope of the CCMA closure is unparalleled in the history of the USA. I am not aware of any recreation/access-based federal land closure that even remotely comes close to matching CCMA.

As we approach the March 5 deadline for the public comment period, The General believes we will know what BLM’s intent is for the future of OHV at CCMA.

If BLM does not grant an extension as requested now by two Congressmen, it will signal their intention is to permanently close CCMA to OHV use. It’s just that simple.

See Link to Congressman Jim Costa’s Letter

A failure to grant an extension will mean the public process is tainted and that access interests will have to either seek a political or legal remedy to this unwarranted closure. The land-use ball is in BLM’s court.


  1. Wow! Looks like all the hard work is actually starting to pay off. It's great to see a couple of congressmen getting involved. Gives one hope that maybe our government is not completely dysfunctional. Thanks for the update General!

  2. EUC,

    10-4. A lot of hard work by local off-road voters got the Congessmen involved. A big salute to those folks!