Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION - Send Letter Today to Save Clear Creek

The Recreation HQ is issuing a national CALL TO ACTION and asking riders and other public land interests throughout the country to send a loud and important message to the BLM that OHVers want valid science to be used in the decision-making process and not the fatally flawed 2008 EPA Asbestos Risk Assessment.
PHOTO - Help Give the CCMA DEIS The Boot!
Also, The General is concerned the BLM risks creating a new and arbitrary “health risk paradigm” at CCMA that is unwarranted and in fact actually creates a liability for the agency at CCMA and other recreation sites (naturally occurring asbestos is in 43 counties in California) where none has historically existed. Via the Federal Tort Claims Act, Congress has indemnified the agency as long as the land manager informs the public (usually through signing prescriptions and educational outreach) of the health or safety risks. Why has the BLM’s Hollister Field Office selected this unwise pathway? It looks like the Hollister Field Office has opened a legal “can-of-worms.”

If there is one action item you do this week, The General believes it should be sending a letter (you can use the BRC’s letter generator linked below) to the BLM by the end of business on March 5, 2009. DON'T FORGET TO ASK THE BLM TO INCLUDE YOUR COMMENTS IN THE PUBLIC RECORD!

Please fwd the BRC alert with letter generator to your OHV rider email lists and/or business networks. The General remains committed to trying to reopen “The Creek” for historic OHV use. Be sure and add a paragraph detailing your history and interest in CCMA. Equestrians, mountain-bikers, and gem collectors who value public land access can use this letter generator as well.

BRC’s Action Alert with Letter Generator
Link to OHMVR Commission Letter

Send this letter TODAY. This is one battle we must win in OHV Wars. I don’t want OHV to meet the same fate as my good friends in the forest products industry did during the Timber Wars in the 1990s.

--- The General

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