Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Day Trail-based Recreation Died in Northern California

The Recreation HQ was not surprised by the content of the call it received from the public affairs officer on Monday regarding the soon-to-be announced signing of the Record of Decision for the Shasta Trinity National Forest Travel Management FEIS.

PHOTO: The General on a Single Track Trail Now Closed by the ROD

As many of the troops know, the Shasta Trinity NF is home to about 800 miles of high quality single track motorcycle trails and ATV trails less than 50 inches in width. Up until yesterday, these were legitimate and legal OHV trails that were used by families, contractors, NFL football players, police officers, nurses, doctors, CHP officers, firefighters, veterans, deputy sheriffs, small business owners, retired workers, lumber workers, teachers, sheet metal workers, union members, federal agents, muffler shop owners, etc.

BRC had argued for these routes in its DEIS comment letter – Shasta County did as well

The functional closure of almost 100% of what were legal OHV trails is a form of recreational discrimination against the single-track community. The General on several occasions (on behalf of BRC) had met with officials from the FS Regional Office and urged them not to make this huge mistake. This closure makes a mockery of the TMR public process, the agency, and its laws. This plan was never designed to protect the environment but rather created to satisfy the closure agenda of anti-OHV groups. What other conclusion is there when all of the action alternatives functionally closed all single-tracks and OHV trails less than 50 inches in width?

Be assured The General and BRC will exhaust all administrative and, if needed, legal channels to challenge a document that will be forever remembered by the OHV community as the plan that administratively closed more single-track trails than were administratively closed on Forest Service lands in Region 5 during the 8 years of the Clinton/Gore administration.

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  1. Once again unbelievable and tragic. Let me know how to help Don.

    LeoVince USA

  2. Tim,

    Stay tuned as this battle continues. Watch for county officials, Cong. Herger and others to join fight too.


  3. Wow...just WOW...

    I could take time to mourn but instead will take the disappointment and turn it into a letter stressing my disappointment.

    Dustin Webster

  4. Dustin,

    Good show... no time to morn yet. Actions speak louder than tears.

  5. Don,
    Thanks for this and please keep us informed as to how you would like us to respond. We are standing by and ready to help in any way.
    Thanks again, Dirty Dave

  6. Hey Dirty Dave,

    10-4. I hear there may be protests or rallies up in the Redding area regarding the plan. Also, there will be an admin. appeal and most likely legal action too. The local riders and others are fed up. Stay tuned.