Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Electric Side-by-Side - Going Green or Just Good Sense

While paging through Brian’s BRC Recreation News yesterday, The General enjoyed reading about a new all-electric side-by-side called the Ranger EV manufactured by Polaris.
Story about new Ranger EV
PHOTO: BRC's Don Amador on an all-electric Zero Motorcycles dirt bike
Some of you may remember back in the Spring of 2009 when The General attended the 1st ever all electric dirt bike 24 hour race held in San Jose.

See April 5, 2009 Blog with info, links to stories, and video/audio of event

Since that event, I have talked with a lot of riders about the future of all-electric OHVs.
At this point in time, I don’t believe the all-electric OHV will replace the gas-powered dirt-bike or ATV for those of us who take long rides that would exceed the limits of current battery technology.

However, I do believe that all-electric OHVs do have a place in the OHV family for use in cases where the trips are mostly short in nature. Those examples include use on a small farm, hunters who drive up to a stand and wait, federal or state agencies that don’t need vehicles with extended driving range, by recreationists who make short trips, or of special interest to the Recreation HQ – for use in new all-electric OHV parks sited in urban areas.

As many of you know, The General does not buy the global warming scam along with a number of other eco-hoaxes such as the bogus environmental lawsuit filed by anti-OHV groups to supposedly protect the now infamous “Carnegie Hoax Fish.”

See blog that includes Photo of The General holding the Carnegie Hoax Fish

The Recreation HQ does not support the EV OHV industry because it wants to be green.
Rather, it supports electric OHVs because they make sense for certain applications and they are now a factor in the land-use equation and an important and new member of the OHV family. Will EV OHVs save the planet from certain destruction? No! But they do have a place for certain applications and we should support that concept simply because it makes sense.

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