Tuesday, October 13, 2009

S. 1571 - Oppose Correctional Facility at Major OHV Area

Sometimes what appear to be small issues can be overlooked by recreationists especially during busy periods when we all are dealing with travel management planning efforts, Wilderness proposals, budget issues, and other land-use decisions.

Many of The General’s followers ride or have ridden at the Stonyford OHV Area on the Mendocino National Forest. It is home to one of the most popular destination OHV areas in Northern California. Also, it is popular with hikers, fisherman, hunters, and hang gliders.
*Click on photo for larger view of facility and relationship to nearby campsites.

Info on H.R. 1043/S.1571

For a number of years, some members of Congress have been pushing ill-advised legislation that would permanently transfer lands to the Fouts Springs Youth Correctional Facility and out of federal ownership. The question is not that The General or OHVers don’t support rehabilitation of troubled youth (we do!), but rather should a correctional facility be permanently sited in the center of a large recreation area? The site is directly adjacent to 6 family camping/staging areas.

Several years ago, the FS did a Feasibility Study that showed the highest and best use of that acreage would be for future recreational use such as camping/RV parking or possibly for the training of firefighters, etc. The General agrees with that conclusion.

Last year, BRC, AMA-sanctioned motorcycle clubs/members, and other recreationists sent letters opposing the Deafy Glade Land Exchange Act. This year, it has resurfaced as H.R. 1043 and S. 1571. BRC has sent in letters to several key Senators since H.R. 1043 has passed the House. If and when it makes it to future senate hearings, there may be a need for OHVers and others to weigh in heavy on this subject. In the meantime, feel free to send in a letter (see BRC letters for Senator contact info/FAX numbers) or post a comment on this blog.

BRC Letters to the Senate on S. 1571

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