Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunting with OHVs on Public Lands

This last weekend The General was up at tech for the Jackhammer Enduro on the Mendocino National Forest as lead for the BRC/FMF Sound Testing Program for OHVs.
*Photo of The General quail hunting in the Southern Sierra
Seeing a number of hunters staging from the popular OHV campgrounds in the Fouts Springs area, I was reminded of the need for sportsmen to remember that OHV laws also apply to their activity. Historically, some hunters don’t view themselves as “OHV users.” Rather, they think of themselves as different and that OHV laws don’t apply to them.

The challenge for OHV organizations and agencies has been to improve their outreach to the hunting community regarding the use of ATVs and UTVs on roads and trails. One such effort that includes an instructional video comes from the State of Idaho.


While watching the video, I had to give credit to both the law enforcement officer and the user who were trying to read a MVUM. Most of the MVUM’s I have seen are hard to decipher… even if you are familiar with the area.

Kudos to the agencies and other folks in Idaho who put this together. Lot’s of good information for the OHV and hunting community.


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