Friday, October 23, 2009

Man Up and Join BRC Today

The General wanted the OHV community to be aware of the new BRC membership promos that are directed at dirt-bikers, ATVers, and 4wd owners. With these very cool membership and benefit programs… there is NO excuse for you and your riding buddies for not joining BRC.

*Photo at rightThe General has had several Monteros before (I like Monteros!) and recently purchased this BF Goodrich Tire equipped used 2001 Montero from a BRC member in Reno at High Sierra Auto

Dirt-Bikers/ATV – Rocky Mtn. ATV - $25 dollar Gift Card when you join BRC for $29 dollars

4WD Owners - 4Wheel Parts - $25 dollar Gift Card plus up to 15% off of other parts when you join for BRC for $29 – See Del’s Video/info in link below


BFGoodrich Donates $5 bucks per tire promo

I know we are in hard times. However, land-use battles are not going away. In fact, The General believes we are facing some very tough access issues now and in the coming year or two. Now is the time to man-up or woman-up and join the fight. Becoming a BRC member is a good first step. A salute to those of you who are BRC members and/or members of a state or local OHV club.


  1. I'm a member now due to finding this blog. Keep up the good work General!

  2. Mike,

    Thanks! Feel free to fwd to your friends. Only about 1-2% of OHVers nationwide belong to ANY club. We need more OHVers to get involved!

    The General