Monday, June 1, 2009

Good News - Combined Use as an Access Tool

While many users legitimately focus on the bad news of how travel management planning in California will impact OHV access on Forest Service roads and trails, The General believes that we should also look for breaking “good access news.”

Although many of us are concerned about Region 5’s interpretation (or misapplication) of the mixed-use/combined-use issue regarding OHV recreation on level 3 forest roads, the fact remains that California law has empowered local governments with the ability to designate appropriate public roads less than 3 miles in length as “combined-use” roads for both street legal and non-street legal motorized vehicles.

See CVC on Combined Use

For a long time the BlueRibbon Coalition has encouraged recreationists to work with their local county governments in a partnership or team effort to collectively champion
responsible motorized access to or through public lands.

A recent example of a local government taking advantage of this regulation occurred in Del Norte County. I commend the local users working with their county supervisors on this proposal.

See Del Norte County Info and Resolution on New Combined Use Roads

While OHVers are rightly focused on TMR in CA and trying to read through the growing number of NEPA documents being dumped on them by various Forests, the users should not forget to champion (with support and resolutions from county govt.) the “combined-use concept” as a parallel - yet separate – process related to federal travel planning.

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