Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OHV Commission and Users Continue Fight with East Bay Parks

The following East Bay Regional Park District response (Sept. 13) to one of HQ’s longtime friends, Scott Sinclair, shows a high level of arrogance, ignorance, and callous against OHV recreationists in general,  Carnegie SVRA staff,  and proposed OHV use at the Tesla property which is part of Carnegie SVRA.

EBRPD Response to Scott Sinclair

*Note their response did not address the March 2007 tour and two April 2012 tours with Save Tesla Park advocates.   BRC found out about those tours via our public records act request.  BTW – did any OHV groups get invited to the May 11, 2012 tour?   I also believe if you look at the District’s own “surveys” you will find them to be biased or slanted to achieve a certain result. 


Their response only further highlights the need for OHV users to attend the upcoming meetings
 in Concord (TONIGHT), Oakley, Fremont, Dublin, and Richmond.   The level of your participation will help decide if the District provides future OHV recreation and if they will back-off their current effort to prohibit OHV recreation on the Tesla property at Carnegie SVRA.

The OHV Commission recently voted unanimously to  challenge the District Board’s effort to ban OHV use on our Tesla property.   It is important to note that even the “environmental appointees” voted strongly in favor of the OHV commission telling the District to butt out!

Here is BRC News Release on Public Meetings with link to formal BRC comment letter

Also, feel free to check for updates with my good friends at the Carnegie Forever Facebook page

 See you in Concord tonight!


  1. EBRPD actions are why agencies get a bad name, and the public doesn't trust government at ANY level.

  2. Mr. Sinclair's letter shows his bias. The survey he refers to does not offer the option of OHV recreation in any of its choices. It is clearly designed to get the responses that the district is looking for.

    As for the idea that they can take over our park without affecting Carnegie, that is ridiculous. We purchased the property because Carnegie was getting overcrowded. We still need it. The idea that Celeste and her friends will be able to use Tesla and still keep their hands of Carnegie is ridiculous. They will shout and scream bloody H*ll until they get rid of us.

    The fact that our park was identified on their master plan map as district land and/or potential district land shows their intention to take over our park. They are lying, cheating politicians and cannot be trusted. Lets go to their bloody meetings and raise Cain. I don't know about you, but if they take away our park I for one will be riding my dirt bike on their beloved hiking trails.