Friday, June 29, 2012

Carnegie Lawsuit Win Makes Local Press

Some of the Crew at the 2009 Carnegie Rally

Although the green’s attack on the CA OHV grants program continues to be a hot issue, a local newspaper did a story on the recent lawsuit settlement (a big OHV win) at Carnegie SVRA.

June 29, 2012 Tracy Press Article

What the story fails to highlight is that the plaintiffs had to pay about $500K of their own legal fees.
That is huge win for OHV since the courts often grant “paid in full” tax-payer funded legal fees to environmental lawyers.

This story draws attention to the fact that this country needs tort reform.  Here is a recent DOJ report that shows millions of dollars were paid to CBD – the main anti-OHV litigation firm in the country.

DOJ Report

PS - Here is another article with a green spin including sharp comments from Congressman John Garamendi's sister who lives next to the park and has fought to close it.
They too forgot to mention that the greens had to pay 500K of their own legal fees.

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