Thursday, January 27, 2011

HQ ACTION ALERT - Help Cong. Herger (HR 242) Fix TMR and Reopen Road and Trails

Help Cong. Herger (HR 242) Reopen Closed Roads and Trails

The Recreation HQ is proud to announce the fact that access champion Congressman Wally Herger (R-CA2) had his legislation H.R. 242 introduced into the Congressional Record on January 26, 2011.

BRC Issued a TMR Alert Today with a Link to the Congressional Record

HQ believes the alert offers trail users an historic opportunity to engage their own House Member on access issues by having them co-sponsor Congressman Herger’s effort to address the many closure tenets of the 2005 Travel Management Rule as enacted in California’s 19 National Forests.

If you feel OHVers got shafted by TMR in your neck of the woods, you may want to encourage your own House Member to introduce a bill similar to Congressman Herger’s H.R. 242. There may be even county supervisors or county commissioners who want to pass resolutions in support of H.R. 242 or petition their local House Member to co-sponsor the bill or file one for their own state.

As you know, thousands of miles of historic roads and trails have been closed or proposed for closure by the Forest Service. TMR was never supposed to be about landscape level closures of roads and trails used by woodcutters, hunters, OHVers, and other outdoor interests. It got messed up along the way and now it is up to Congress to fix it.

Here is what a local newspaper said about the bill (you may want to show this to your Member of Congress)

HQ encourages you to act promptly to show your support for Congressman Herger’s effort to champion responsible access to public lands.

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  1. Hey guys, If you feel you got screwed by TMR in your Forest and/or state... this is a golden opportunity for you to call your Congressman and ask them to support HR 242 or introduce a sim. bill - send them a link to the bill and the newspaper article. Don't be afraid to contact the District office (DEM or GOP).