Thursday, June 3, 2010

National Monument Shell Game Continues at DOI

The Recreation HQ continues its efforts to break down the Obama Administration’s “Wall of Transparency” regarding the stonewalling by the Department of Interior to not release documents related to the creation of the Stonyford OHV Obamument.

Rather than being the most transparent administration in American history, DOI and EPA seem to have perfected a paperwork version of the “shell game.”
Case Study of EPA hiding Clear Creek FOIA’d documents
Even Retired Land Management Professionals are asking for info
As some of you know, The General (in his role as western representative for the BRC) filed a FOIA on February 19, 2010 after some secret documents were discovered by
See February 19 BRC News Release with Letter to Congress and Link to Secret Documents

When DOI said they did could not find any related documents, The General filed
an immediate FOIA appeal
March 28 Blog with link to FOIA appeal

On May 24 DOI denied the FOIA appeal (link to FOIA Denial)

As BRC legal continues to review options regarding the FOIA denial, The General filed separate FOIAs yesterday on BLM, NPS, NLCS, and USFWS. Be assured that HQ will keep you updated on the continuing saga of the non-transparency of this administration as it relates to public land access.

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