Friday, June 11, 2010

BRC Founder, Clark Collins, Headed to AMA Hall of Fame

The Recreation HQ is very proud to announce that BRC founder, Clark Collins, is heading for the AMA Hall of Fame. With all the bad land access news that we are hit with everyday, it is great to take a break from the bad… and focus for a few minutes on something good.
PHOTO: BRC Founder, Clark Collins

The General got the news yesterday and immediately called Clark at his home in Pocatello, Idaho and extended some heartfelt congratulations. Clark started BRC as a one man show operating out of his garage back in 1987. And as the article correctly states, BRC is the largest nationally recognized OHV access group in the USA. That recognition does not just come from OHVers, but includes mainstream media, Congress, land management agencies, and national environmental groups.

It was Clark who inspired Don Amador’s now famous quote, "All land use decisions are political decisions.”

For those of you OHVers and even my friends in the enviro community, feel free to send Clark a note of congrats. He is one who truly deserves it.

Contact Clark at:

Thanks for your service Clark!!!

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