Wednesday, June 30, 2010

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer Stands Up Against Illegal Invasion

Last week, the Recreation HQ stated that public access is 180 degrees backwards when you have federal land agencies telling OHVers that travel restrictions or bans exist on roads and trails in the desert because they have ceded those lands to illegal drug and human traffickers. On the flip side, you have those same federal land agencies closing historic roads and trails to legal residents on forests like the Shasta Trinity NF, Tellico NF, etc.
PHOTO: The General On A Trail in AZ

In recent years, there have not been many Governors who have stood up against land closures. However just a few days ago, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer posted a video on the internet near one of the travel restriction signs (shown in the June 21 blog) posted on federal lands in her state.

Video of Jan Brewer Standing Up Against the Illegal Invasion

The Recreation HQ sent Gov. Brewer a thank you today regarding her fight. Feel free to send your own message to her at:

Brewer Comment Link

The General believes that when a politician takes a stand for us regular folks… we should support them.

Thanks in advance for your continued vigilance.

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