Monday, June 28, 2010

Update on Obama Outdoor Program - LA Meeting July 8

The Recreation HQ wants to make sure that riders in CA (and elsewhere for that matter) are aware of (and hopefully can attend) upcoming “listening sessions” related to Obama’s Great Outdoors Initiative.

Obama’s Outdoor Initiative
PHOTO: BRC's Don Amador at a tour during Region 5's Recreation RAC Meetings in Mammoth Lakes July 22-25

On July 8 there will be a session at Occidental College near Glendale California. The General and other OHV leaders will be in attendance and the HQ would like to encourage you or somebody from your club or OHV business to attend and help represent responsible OHV recreation at these events. If you plan on attending be sure and send an RSVP to the email contact in the link below.

Info for July 8 Meeting at Occidental College

According to BRC…this is the list of other meetings scheduled throughout the country
June 28 Charleston, SC
July 1 Seattle, WA
July 8 Los Angeles, CA
July 15 Asheville, NC
July 25 Minneapolis, MN
July 29 Hudson River, NY
August Maine/New Hampshire
Other sites TBA

The General must be perfectly honest when he says the HQ is concerned about the glaring absence of OHV or motorized recreation even being acknowledged in any of the program’s narratives. Equally troubling is that none of the states (even pro motorized stated like Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona) mentioned OHV in any of their outdoor recreation proclamations.

See States that issued Proclamations

The Recreation HQ expects BRC and other groups such as ARRA and AMA to be issuing updated notices on these events. In fact, AMA recently issued such an alert.

See AMA Alert

OHV has a great story to tell about our volunteer efforts, our championing a responsible land-use ethic, our family involvement, and being a user-pay/user-benefit program. Let’s be sure and bring those messages to these events.

See 2008 FS Update (107 pages) for an overview of OHV recreation trends nationwide

The above report is a good read for club and industry leaders who want an overview of OHV recreation in the U.S. in preparation for the listening sessions.

Stay tuned for updates on these Outdoor meetings.

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