Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toxic Trails, CCMA, and You

The General has long stated to his riding buddies that he does not believe in federal government conspiracies. That long held axiom is based on the fact the he knows a lot of federal land managers at various levels and for the most part they don’t have the time or inclination to craft a conspiracy let alone carry it out.

However, the latest push by the Sierra Fund, a Nevada City-based eco-group chaired by Patty Brissenden (wife of former anti-OSV/OHV OHMVR commissioner John Brissenden) may cause The Recreation HQ to rethink that concept.

Some of you have seen the recent article about “Toxic Trails” in the Sierra.

SF Chronicle Article on Toxic Trails

It is no coincidence that the closure of Clear Creek to OHV and other uses is cited as the model of how an agency should close lands to the public when a “dangerous” chemical or compound is discovered. The Sierra Fund cites its support and partnership with various like-minded green groups, foundations, and Cal/EPA Note also that other popular OHV areas at Foresthill and Downieville are cited in the article as potential closure targets.

Sierra Fund Support List for Toxic Trails Report

After reading about who belongs to the working group, it should come as no surprise that in the BRC FOIA documents the BLM at CCMA cites Cal EPA/DTSC’s demand that CCMA be closed to OHV as the onus for the current closure.

See Blog on EPA Corruption at CCMA with link to FOIA documents

What trail enthusiasts (motorized and non-motorized) should be concerned about is that there IS a well thought out strategic effort by the green/governmental complex (EPA, Cal EPA, DTSC, CBD, TWS, etc.) to close OHV trails on FS and BLM lands due to undocumented “health risks” to the public.

Has this closure effort reached the level where the HQ can claim there is a conspiracy to close OHV off public lands? That time may come very soon, but in the meantime The General believes there is a well coordinated effort by greens group and their supporters (or hostages) in the federal government to restrict or ban historic OHV and other uses on public lands.

Now is not the time to give up but redouble our efforts to fight back. Thanks in advance for your support and commitment.


  1. There is natural occurring asbestos throughout the western side of the Sierra Nevada foothills in numerous locations. As a hired consultant Project Program Manager for Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties on large State highway bypass projects on State Routes 49, 4 and 108, natural asbestos is an issue that we have to address.

    During construction, we always move the asbestos soil to a specific location on the project site and cover with soil that does not have natural asbestos. No special breathing apparatus is required by the contractor and there have been no known problems working with the natural asbestos soil. Caltrans continues to use this construction method throughout the Sierra Nevada foothill region.

    Scott Maas
    Lassen MC

  2. Scott,

    Thanks for the info. This issue has nothing to do with science or health. It is about political power... pure and simple.