Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Video Update on High Noon Rally in Eureka

As followers of this blog already know, average citizens (heroes in my book) are fighting back against government overregulation, environmental extremism, and federal programs that attack our personal freedoms. You have also seen rural counties (Del Norte, San Benito, Shasta, etc) standing up for the access rights of their constituents.
PHOTO - The General (aka Cuttenkid) at his home in Cutten with some fish he caught (circa 1966)

In the last few days, you have seen fishermen and a candidate for the California Assembly rally in Eureka against corrupt government and the creation of ocean “Wilderness Areas.”

See my June 17 blog on Rally with a link to a news article

The rally by about 100 pro-access people was largely spiked by local media and the one news article gave about 1/2 of the print to the one green spokesperson that showed up.

The Recreation HQ wanted to share a video of the rally that recently surfaced. The General says that these folks who have taken a stand against closures deserve our support.

7 minute video of the High Noon Rally in Eureka

If you want to send these fishermen (some are BRC members) a note of support, feel free to contact Dennis Mayo, founder of the Eureka-based pro-access group Open Beaches and Trails at: openbeaches-trails@suddenlink.net

Feel free to post a comment on this blog or send The General a PM if you want the HQ to continue posting stories about people fighting for freedom.

Thanks in advance for your service and support!

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