Sunday, June 20, 2010

Book Review - Climategate - A 21st Century Eco Update

As The General prepares to write a book review of Brian Sussman’s must read book Climategate, he is reminded of the 1993 treatise of the environmental movement called
Trashing the Economy.

On page 3 of that book, the Institute for Policy Innovation wrote, “The rapid growth of government regulations may very well be the single most important obstacle to U.S competitiveness here and abroad.”

In light of government programs like the Travel Management Rule and landscape level closures such as the BLM’s interim “no-human use” prescription for the Clear Creek Management Area, the Recreation HQ would like to rephrase the aforementioned quote to state, “The rapid growth of unchecked government regulations may very well be the single most important obstacle to our personal freedoms both at home and with regards to public land access.”

I believe Climategate gives the reader a 21st century update on just how 1960-1980s era radical environmentalists and their supporters in Congress, the media, and the administration – as so aptly described in Trashing the Economy – are enacting their nightmarish eco-agenda that has very little if anything to do with “protecting the environment.”

Sussman does an excellent job of connecting the dots that exist between eco-icons and/or their schemes/concepts such as Gaylord Nelson, Fred Singer, Carl Pope, Carol Browner, Richard Nixon, Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Rachael Carson, Earth Day, EPA, Agenda 21, United Nations, Cap and Tax, An Inconvenient Truth, Global Warming, and the Clean Air Act.

As freedom loving Americans and riders, I would urge you to get Sussman’s book so you have a better understanding of what we are up against. It is no joke. The greens are serious about banning OHV use on public lands. You may say how do you know? My response is because that is what they have told me in person and I believe them. You should too!

For those of you who want a more comprehensive historical overview of the environmental movement, I would also suggest that you buy Trashing the Economy and read it before Climategate. After reading both books, you will better understand our opposition.

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Thanks for your service!

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