Sunday, May 30, 2010

The General's Memorial Day Tribute 2010

On this special weekend, I want to express my gratitude to our fallen heroes who fought for our freedom. It is a precious gift that we must treasure, respect, defend, and pass on to future generations.
PHOTO: Don Amador at 60th Anniversary of D-Day Wreath above Omaha Beach
Some of you know, I grew up on the outskirts of Eureka, California in a small community called Cutten. The General was born in 1954 and was too young to have served in Vietnam even though I had registered for the draft, but had gotten high draft numbers in 1972 and later until the draft ended so I was not called. One of my older childhood friends, Gary Wilson, had been shot down and killed in a helicopter. Another older friend was Terry Foster who got shot through the neck while on patrol and thankfully he survived.
I sometimes feel guilty that I did not serve in the military. I have shared those regrets with some of my military friends in the ongoing fight to protect access to public lands.
One of those persons was Frank Price (he was a Korean War vet and access advocate in the Bakersfield area). He told me not to worry about not serving in the military because I was now working in another cause for freedom – protecting the public’s (and returning service men and women) right to use and enjoy the people’s land.
It was after my co-facilitation, including help from the SAMs Coalition, of the 2000 Protest of the Clinton National Monument in the Sequoia National Forest that Frank Price bestowed on me the title of The General.
Article on 2000 Rally/Protest of Clinton National Monument (with rally photos)

I don’t wear the title of The General as some sort of military-oriented self-tribute because I did not serve in the military, but rather as a commitment to my Dad, Frank Price and all those (including readers of this blog) who have served and sacrificed for our country that I will never give up the fight and will seek to inspire and lead men and women onto the field of battle for access to public lands.
Again, my deepest appreciation to those who made the ultimate sacrifice and to the families left behind. My appreciation also goes out to those who have served and continue to serve. God Bless.

In addition, I wanted to share a couple of songs with you on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Spiritual Tone - “You are Not Forgotten” - this song is a tribute to our troops

Rock Tone - “If I Die Tomorrow” - this song is a tribute to troops
On this Memorial Weekend... The Recreation HQ thanks you for your service!

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