Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank You and Site Specific NEPA

The Recreation HQ wants to thank all the riders who donated to the Six Rivers Lawsuit yesterday. It is clear that you understand the importance of this case as it relates to the misuse of TMR to obliterate perfectly good access roads without a public process.

Several of you asked for an example of where a Forest does public scoping before it rips a road or does some other “ground disturbing” activity. Well, one such example is provided below where the Stanislaus NF sent out a public notice about an OHV Restoration Project.

Stanislaus NF Scoping Letter for OHV Restoration Project

The issue in the Six Rivers Lawsuit is not about decommissioning unneeded roads or the restoration of routes that have serious environmental impacts. For years, BRC and other OHV groups have supported restoration projects that have been vetted and approved via a public process. In fact, the CA OHV program requires that NEPA be complete before any restoration (or in fact any FS project including building a staging area, etc.) project is grant funded.

I know the access community in the Smith River area would also support the decommissioning of unneeded roads if the Forest had vetted them with site specific NEPA.

Stay tuned as this legal issue works its way through the courts.

Thanks for your donations and support!!!

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