Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Butte County Uses Common Sense to Address OHV Noise Issue

The Recreation HQ was pleased to hear about how common sense prevailed at the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday where a potential new OHV ordinance was being considered to restrict OHV use on private land.
PHOTO: Quest Type 1 Sound Meter

As the news article below points out, the BOS was addressing this issue because of several inconsiderate (i.e. spodes) track owners who apparently don’t care if they violate important tenets of being a “good neighbor.”

News Article on Butte County OHV Agenda Item

BRC was contacted about this on May 24 by one of our members (and darn good rider) who wanted us to convey some land-use management prescriptions to the BOS to that they would not impact families who ride on their own private property in a responsible manner. (we all remember the Riverside debacle – see 2004 BRC News Release below)

BRC Letter to Butte County on Proposed OHV Ordinance

Thanks also to AMA for sending out an action alert on short notice[capwiz:queue_id]

The General wants to commend the riders who showed up and championed responsible OHV recreation. HQ again wants to thank the BOS for using a flyswatter instead of a sledgehammer to address inconsiderate track owners.

Riding responsibly with a “sound” land-use ethic should not be relegated to just our public lands. Rather, it should be a concept that we use when riding on private property as well.

Be a Quiet Warrior or be shut down... your choice.


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