Monday, May 24, 2010

New OHV Program Manager at Stonyford

The Recreation HQ is glad to be able to share some good news with those riders who frequent the Mendocino National Forest. Besides working sound tech at the 2010 SheetIron 300 Dual Sport Ride this last weekend, I had the privilege (before the event) of touring some of the trails at the Stonyford OHV Area with Sarah Ridenour, the new OHV Program Manager for the area.
PHOTO - Sarah Ridenour, new OHV program manager at Stonyford.

She comes from working at the OHV program at CA State Parks where she was experienced in trail layout, construction, and maintenance. Having a high quality maintained trail system for use by the public is her passion and it was great to see a FS employee enjoy being out on the trail. Besides giving her an overview of the area, we pre-rode some of the SheetIron 300 single-track trails to check for downed trees and deep snow. Both of which we found plenty of.

In the coming days and months there will be plenty of time for us to address the many challenges that face OHV recreation. But for just one day, let us be thankful that we have a new OHV manager (and good rider) at Stonyford and let’s commit to help her do her job either as a trail volunteer, a supporter of the program, or a good steward of the land.

Thanks for your support and service!


  1. That post made my day! Wish this was the rule more than the exception. Gongrats Sarah!

  2. EUC,

    Yes it is good to get some good news once in awhile.

  3. Well,as someone who just returned from stonyford (which was under a f5 day closure EVEN though the hydralogist is on vacation this week) and there is dust blowing on most of the upper trails, things are getting worse not better. Let's see- closure on new years, memorial day and now most of thanksgiving. I guess the new world order only wants riding if zero mositure on the trails- disgusting!