Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Ages and Large Buffer Zones Return to Congress

As certain congressional representatives voted against giving H.R. 1254 an affirmative recommendation to force the Department of Interior to hand over approximately 2,000 pages of documents that are being withheld from Congress, The General is reminded of the Dark Ages where information was also withheld from the public.

*Photo: The General on a designated OHV trail in the middle of the proposed Stonyford Obamument
May 5 info on the 2,000 pages of info being withheld from Congress

May 5 News Release with links to video clips of House testimony today

The General also wants riders to know that he, on behalf of BRC, has contacted DOI’s
Open Government Initiative today reminding them of Obama’s directive to share information with the public and to get a status report of BRC’s FOIA Appeal.

Info on DOI Open Government Initiative

BRC legal is also watching this issue and may have to file a lawsuit demanding the agency turnover information regarding the Stonyford Obamument as requested in the Feb. 19 FOIA/March 17 FOIA Appeal.

The Recreation HQ will keep you advised regarding DOI’s response to our request for a status update on the BRC FOIA Appeal.

HQ also wants to thank the Members of Congress who fought for our access rights today regarding H.R. 1254. Congressman Rob Bishop should also be commended for his fight today to try and include amendments that would prevent anti-access groups from basing “closure” lawsuits on arbitrary “buffer zones” that extend for 200-300 miles around the boundaries of National Monuments and National Parks.

Let’s all hope that the Dark Ages are relegated to our history books and are not part of our present day politics.

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