Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carnegie, OHV Wars, and a Call to Action

The General has often said that the rewards of being a land-use professional are few. In fact if you are doing your job well - as pointed out in NIMBY WARS - you will be given little if any credit for a win. HQ’s reward comes when a local rider is awakened out of his or her “land-use slumber” and becomes a grassroots leader who works to inspire others to do the same.
PHOTO: Infamous Carnegie Hoax Fish
NIMBY WARS Book Review (overview of various roles we play in land-use)

Such is the case with a new SF Bay Area OHV advocate, Diana Tweedy. She recently wrote a great article in Dirt Rider Magazine (see link below) about her epiphany during the 2009 Carnegie Rally to help keep the SVRA from being closed by a judge’s order.

Sept. 2010 DR MAGAZINE - The Battle for Carnegie and Joining the Fight

Tweedy hit several common themes that you have seen articulated at the HQ. Public land recreationists have large numbers and we can win if we put differences aside, band together, AND join BRC and other groups fighting for your access rights.

Some riders may ask, “What has OHV won lately?” Well, Carnegie is still open thanks to the huge turnout at the Freedom Rally where that support gave momentum for the OHMVR Division’s legal efforts to challenge the anti-OHV lawsuit.

Recently, a coalition of user groups won a legal victory where the FS was ordered to reopen OHV trails and campgrounds.

OHV Legal Victory to Reopen FS Trails

For some more background info on the 2009 Rally at Carnegie SVRA with links to articles, etc. please go to the blog overview below.

Blog on Overview of 2009 Carnegie Rally

Tweedy also notes she had often read Jimmy Lewis’ (editor of DR) columns where he urged or pleaded with riders to “get involved” and join BRC and other organizations who are in the trenches fighting the enemy on a daily basis. However, it took a major event such as the imminent closure of Carnegie to wake her up.

Her involvement now gives encouragement to folks like The General and Jimmy Lewis who have been sounding the land-use alarm for many years. HQ thanks her and her friends for becoming soldiers in OHV Wars.

To honor her commitment, HQ requests that you do two things today.

1 – JOIN BRC and a local or state OHV group

2 – Subscribe to DR Magazine

Without members and member support, BRC cannot do its job. Without subscribers, Jimmy Lewis and DR cannot get the land-use message out to average riders so that when a closure crisis occurs those riders will know what do to (hopefully riders will join before a crisis hits!).

Thanks for your service!

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  1. We are very lucky to have Diana on our side. I was so happy to see Carnegie getting national coverage like that. The article reaffirmed my belief that the whole Carnegie fiasco was in reality a great thing for our sport. It opened a lot of peoples eyes to what was going on around them, myself included.