Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Miracle at 18600 Corral Hollow Road

Photo Left : Even the dog knows the fishing alliance is barking up the wrong tree.
Photo Right: The Famous Carnegie Hoax Fish
Other cool photos from Del Albright (thanks Del for coming!)

The lights were on late last night and then on again at o’dark thirty today at the Recreation HQ. The General was, and continues to be, impressed with the quality, caliber, and sincerity of the riders and supporters who came from as far away as Lake Tahoe to fellowship with the Carnegie off-road family in our time of need.

In my Friday Dec. 18 blog, I said the appeals process would need Divine intervention if it was to be successful in time to keep the park open. Based on the good news yesterday regarding the appellate court’s decision to keep the park open until at least until January 11, I think the many prayers that were offered for that intervention over Christmas were answered yesterday.

Dec. 18 Blog and Divine Intervention (mentioned in 1st paragraph)

Several riders have asked me if I believe in miracles? The answer is YES. Twice in the last year, my life was spared in a miraculous way.

Story on my Truck/Trailer blow out on I5 (click on photo for expanded view)

After reading a lot of news reports on the rally (most of which failed to note that this whole lawsuit by the now faux fishing group is based on a hoax), I think this article in the Stockton Record best captures what really happened at Carnegie yesterday (although the reporter mentions Divine intervention he does not credit it as I think he should have)

Stockton Record

The Carnegie saga continues and so does the much larger battle for our sport in other riding areas. Future action items will be forthcoming. However, I think it is important for us to take a short pause and be thankful for this miracle. We also need to be thankful for OHMVR leadership and others who worked overtime during the holidays for their part in this miracle. To give thanks, consider a donation to a charity or food bank or some other act of kindness or service.

Besides honoring the work of Dave Duffin and his crew on behalf of Carnegie and honoring the many off-road families who attended the rally, I want to thank all the motorcycle clubs who came out wearing their colors in support of the park. I may be missing a few, but I do remember seeing representatives from the Oakland Motorcycle Club, Hayward Motorcycle Club, TimeKeepers Motorcycle Club, North Bay Motorcycle Club, High Sierra Motorcycle Club, and the California Enduro Riders Association. I also want to thank our 4WD brothers and sisters from CAL 4WD, Pirate 4x4.com, Diablo 4 Wheelers, and several others. If I left any clubs out, I apologize in advance. Things were a bit hectic yesterday.

Was this our own off-road version of a Miracle on 34th Street? I will let you make that call. As for The General and the staff at Recreation HQ – we believe.

Thanks for your service!!!


  1. Great to finally meet you. Loved the fishing pole idea. Here's a link to a bunch of pictures I took from the rally.

  2. Hi Don, Thanks for coming out and helping us save Carnegie. Hopefully my grand-kids will ride Carnegie one day! The Decoster poster has a prominent position in my garage!