Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Week Update on the Fight for Carnegie

As you know, we are in a political fight regarding the temporary closure of Carnegie SVRA. It is just one (albeit an important one for Bay Area riders) battle in the OHV War that is raging in the West.
*Photo: OHMVR Deputy Director, Daphne Greene, and Division Chief, Phil Jenkins, talk with riders on Sunday
Photo Credit: Dave Duffin

The General wants to first acknowledge, Dave Duffin, who was there all weekend handing out flyers, talking with folks, working with families, etc. Wearing his USMC cap on Saturday and Sunday, he has once again answered the call and has been pressed into active duty in the Fight for Carnegie.

I also want to commend Daphne Greene and Phil Jenkins who were there on Sunday from OHMVR HQ in Sacramento to dialogue with the users and get feedback on this all too important issue.

The Recreation HQ has received a lot of communications from riders in the Bay Area who want to know how they can be involved in the current fight at Carnegie and also support the larger effort statewide. HQ has been impressed with the diversity, quality, and sincerity of those interested parties.

Between now and Christmas, I don’t know that a lot of formal or official actions by the OHV community can take place (lots of people/experts I rely on for advice and collaboration are on vacation – duh, it’s Christmas!). It is my opinion that folks should finish their Christmas shopping, if you are religious – attend and pray for wisdom at your place of worship, and finally prepare to enjoy Christmas with your families. After Christmas, I want to encourage folks to consider the following action items.

ACTION ITEM ONE: Fellowship Ride on Dec. 28 at Carnegie
I plan to be there all day until the park closes. I expect that there will be a number of famous racing legends there as well including Brad Lackey, Dick Mann, and many others. Also, there will be various club leaders and officials from AMA Dist. 36 including the District’s president, Dave Pickett, event promoters, and OHV business interests. This will be a great opportunity for riders and their families to visit with OHV leadership, racers, park staff, and each other.

ACTION ITEM TWO: Support OHV businesses
Since the local concessionaire and OHV business Motomart will most likely put of out business by this temporary closure, I would ask that all those attending come prepared on Dec. 28 to “buy out his inventory.” Also, during this Holiday Season consider buying some motorcycle accessories or even a new motorcycle from one of the impacted motorcycle dealers that service the park’s riders.

ACTION ITEM THREE: Post Holiday Meeting

After the Holiday Season, The General believes the OHV community should meet at a yet to be determined location (e.g. large meeting hall, Grange, hotel conf. center, etc) for a town hall meeting and strategy session for the long-term benefit of Carnegie SVRA specifically and for OHV recreation in general

ACTION ITEM FOUR: Future OHV Legal Action

As OHMVR works through the appeals process, I know BRC legal (and maybe other OHV legal experts as well) will be looking for a meaningful way to participate in this case. As The General has said before, this is a very complicated legal fight with little if any opportunity so far for a 3rd party OHV legal interest to intervene and defend OHV recreation at Carnegie. The appeals process may offer some opportunity to change that dynamic.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your professionalism, understanding, and support during this crisis. It’s how we respond as a community that defines us.

Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for your service!

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  1. So I hope everybody will go to the Park, and stop by and make purchases at Moto-Mart. Let's push his sales through the roof so he has reserves on hand to weather the storm.
    Not only is the lawsuit against the OHV community, we now have "COLLATERAL DAMAGE" to a small business owner that had nothing to do with this lawsuit.....

  2. Dave,

    I wonder if the community should also consider a
    "Support Carnegie Business Week" where riders would go to shops impacted by the closure and buy products or a bike. There could be promos etc. Just a thought.


  3. I agree, but how do we get the information out quickly on this to the masses. I talked to Tony and suggested he call his key vendors and ask them to be on hand for Monday to assist.
    I really like the Carnegie Business Week concept.

  4. General
    How many of the local TV stations have been notified? It might be a good idea to set a time on the 28th for everyone to gather and let the media know about it.


  5. Brewster,

    I know I and others have already talked to some media folks about this issue. I expect that outreach to the media will continue this week.

    Thanks for your help on this issue.