Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Court Orders Closure of CA OHV Park

Winter storms have been pounding the West Coast and California for some time now. However, that is not the only thing “pounding” Californians. The recent court order imposing a temporary closure at Carnegie SVRA is just one “judicial storm” in the current “legal winter” that motorized recreationists are experiencing.

BRC News Release on Carnegie SVRA Closure


Enviro News Release

The General believes OHMVR/State Parks will mount an aggressive legal challenge (via a stay and/or appeal) to this outrageous court order. I believe OHMVR will work hard to preserve at least general public access (permitted events may be banned for the interim and use in the creek bed would be restricted) instead of closing the entire park.

Several years ago, Donstradamus told riders that we would be in for some rough times. Well those times are here. This is not a time for hand wringing or casting aspersions but rather a time to man-up and fight back in an effective manner.

BRC stands ready to assist OHMVR defend Carnegie should that opportunity arise. However, these types of cases are very complex and the opportunity for a user group to formally weigh in is limited at best.

Also, the judge involved has a history of arbitrarily “closing stuff” including ordering the shut down of water pumps in the Delta which cut off water to farmers… what makes us think his view or treatment of OHV would be any different?

Shut off of Water – Delta Smelt

I would ask that riders stay tuned to the BRC website or The General’s blog for updated information on if OHMVR is successful with a stay or appeal in keeping Carnegie open for OHV recreation on an interim basis until the park gets a waiver or approval from the Water Board.

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