Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day Before Christmas Carnegie Crisis Update

On the day before Christmas, The General wanted to leave riders with a couple of thoughts.

Even though many Bay Area off-roaders are still in a state of shock while trying to mentally process the impact of our own “OHV Version” of Pearl Harbor, I am proud of your response to this unprovoked and senseless attack on families who like to ride.

The Carnegie Crisis may even eclipse the gut punch felt by OHVers when the BLM announced the blanket closure of Clear Creek to ALL users in May 2008.

See Joint Statement by OHV Organizations on Clear Creek DEIS

What makes the Carnegie Crisis so unique is that it caught thousands of Bay Area riders off-guard since many of them had not been keeping track of battles already being fought in the OHV Wars (circa 2002 – present). To these recreationists the war was being fought on “distant lands.” Those far off fights were mostly on lands managed by the Forest Service or BLM.

Did this attack awaken a sleeping giant? I think it did. As I told one news reporter, never before in my 20 years of being on the front lines of many environmental battles have I ever received the volume of phone calls or emails in such a short period on any given issue. The tone and direction of most calls was a substantive response. The vast majority of folks stated they want to join the battle and be part of the solution.

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas with our families, The General would like to leave you with a set of orders.

1 - Enjoy Your Family – Celebrate this season with your loved ones despite the crisis

2- Join BRC and its effort to preserve and protect OHV recreation in CA and elsewhere. You can earmark donations to the BRC General Fund or to the BRC Legal Fund at the site below

3- Join AMA District 36 as they are a critical partner on this and other land use fights

4- Join a local OHV club – there are many in the Bay Area

5 - Attend the Fellowship Ride on Dec. 28 at Carnegie

6- Prepare for this and other fights that will be coming at us in 2010 and beyond
As I have stated before, the OHV community will be defined by how it responds to this crisis.

Even though the Recreation HQ will be closed for the Christmas/New Year’s Holiday Season, be assured The General will be monitoring the action and posting important updates on the Carnegie Crisis. See you on the 28th.

The General wishes you all a Merry Christmas!!!

If folks would like to contact The General via snail mail, his address is below:
Don Amador
Recreation HQ
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561

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