Saturday, December 19, 2009

Weekend Update for Carnegie Crisis

This is a short bulletin for this weekend regarding the pending temporary closure of Carnegie SVRA on Dec. 29 (actually I believe at this point that the park will close at the end of business on Dec. 28).

Dave Duffin, a fellow Carnegie OHV Taskforce Member and friend will be at the park today to inform riders about this issue.

He has started an online petition for riders to sign:


I understand that Deputy Director of OHMVR, Daphne Greene, and/or other senior staff from Sacramento might be there today or tomorrow to answer questions.

During this crisis it is important for you to understand who the enemy is. Some newbie riders have asked me…”How do you know that these law suit happy eco groups want to BAN OHV recreation on public lands?” The answer is simple – they told me!

Yes, it is the hard core left wing eco-groups that have told The General (during the course of a national conference, regional meeting, or stakeholder group) that their real agenda is to ban ALL OHV recreation on public lands. Some of them are quite proud of it. Others mask their agenda with seductive phrases like, “We just want what is best for OHV” or “All we want is for OHV recreation to be managed” or “You should be joining our effort to force the land agencies to comply with their own rules and regulations.”

Don’t buy it and don’t blame the OHMVR Division or the one or two federal on-the-ground OHV techs that are tasked with taking care of a popular OHV area such as Upper Lake, Cow Mt., or Mace Mill. Blaming these folks is like blaming a bank for being robbed or blaming an old lady for allowing her purse to be snatched. In these cases it is the robber and the petty thief that are to blame.

Stay tuned over the next few days as more information is dissected and action items are developed.

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