Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coos County OHVers Face Day of Infamy

As a student of military history, The General believes the lawsuit filed on December 7, 2009 by the Center for Biological Diversity et al against the Riley Ranch Project is just
the first in a series of aggressive legal attacks to be filed against OHV recreation interests in Oregon.

See Dec. 7 Article on Lawsuit

(be sure and scroll down to the bottom of the article and read a response/history of project by former Coos County Commissioner and friend of The General and fellow land use warrior – John Griffith)

As some riders in CA know (and OR riders are now finding out), CBD and their enviro buddies are very busy attacking OHV recreation on both federal and state lands.

Actual CBD/PEER Lawsuit filed recently on Eldorado NF

The BRC Legal Defense Team has been, and will continue to be, engaged in the fight.

See BRC Legal Docket

The question for OR riders is if they are ready to get some skin in the game and support a strong legal defense of balanced FS travel planning at Riley Ranch and elsewhere?

The General believes the anti-access crowd is watching to see how the OHV community responds to this attack. Just as CA, UT, and other states have seen their share of enviro-lawsuits, I think OR will see a like number filed there against both federal and state OHV travel planning projects.

How OR riders respond to this sneak attack will determine the outcome of the land use battle there and the future of OHV recreation in that state.

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