Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amador's Top Ten Off-Road and Environmental Predictions for 2010

10- While on vacation in Hawaii, President Obama takes his family on an ATV Tour at the Kipu Ranch on Kauai. He has such a good time that he directs the Forest Service in California to reverse it current position of banning non-street legal OHV use on most level 3 forest roads.
Photo to Right: Donstradamus - World Famous OHV Forecaster

9 - Off-roaders and street riders jump on the Meg Whitman for Governor bandwagon based on her ties to EBay because that site has facilitated the sale and purchase of so many dirt-bikes, ATVs, and street motorcycles.

8 - While on a transcontinental flight on a private jet, Al Gore remembers how much fun he had riding his Honda 305 during his college days. Because of that fond memory he joins the American Motorcyclist Association and becomes a spokesman for the organization.

7- During the Senate’s debate on a Cap and Tax bill in 2010, a moderate Democrat who owns an OHV, goes hunting, and watches the NFL will take to the floor and promise to join with GOP legislators in a successful filibuster of the proposal.

6- In a rare act of political courage, the BLM will admit the arbitrary interim closure at the Clear Creek Management Area was based on junk science, flawed studies, and an unwarranted fear of some phantom lawsuit. Shortly after that admission, the agency will order CCMA reopened for all users. The agency official who reopens the area will be nominated for induction into the Off-Road Hall of Fame.

5- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger decides that he has been scammed by the man-made global warming crowd and realizes that factors such as sun spots and natural earth heating/cooling cycles occur regardless of human activity. After the epiphany, he joins and writes large checks to the Pacific Legal Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, and several off-road organizations.

4 - Owners of the Connolly Ranch have a change of heart and decide that in order to be good neighbors of the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area, the ranch will withdraw their support from the current PEER/Fishing Alliance lawsuit and join forces with the OHV community to keep the current park open and to support the expansion of the park onto the new properties purchased about 20 years ago with OHV funds for OHV use.

3 - Conservative elements in the Mormon Church take Senator Harry Reid out behind the spiritual woodshed and “encourage” him to abandon his far left political positions. After that experience, Reid switches to the GOP and becomes a champion for low taxes, access to public lands, and a balanced federal budget.

2 - After dropping the bowtie and joining Fox News as a commentator, Tucker Carlson decides to take the next step on his manly journey when he goes to a dirt-bike riding school and learns the sport. He then asks for a field assignment where riding an OHV is part of the story.

1 - A wealthy philanthropist in the SF Bay Area, Portland, or Seattle decides to quit funding anti-OHV recreation groups because his grandson has won several local races in the youth class. That change in mindset results in a $3,000,000 grant being awarded to the BlueRibbon Coalition’s legal defense fund to help counter an expected avalanche of anti-OHV eco-lawsuits filed throughout the West in 2010.
Happy New Year!


  1. I would prefer prediction #1 as the best.
    Where do I write my letter????

  2. We all would love to see all of the predictions come true but to come up with this list you must have started celebrating early for newyears..
    We did get one newyears wish with the stay for Carnegie.. Did you see another Alameda Judge ruled against arnold on the Furlow days.. Alameda Judges are just as stupid at the 9th circus court of appeal in Sf.. specialed