Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dirt Rider Magazine Article on Obama Outdoor Program

The Recreation HQ wants to give some major kudos to the gang at Dirt Rider Magazine for sending a crew to the Obama Outdoor event at Occidental College. DR did a great story on this event with a number of key observations that can be found below. It is worth the read.
PHOTO: Jimmy Lewis telling riders not to be spodes while riding in the SVRA at a DR 24 Hour at Gorman

Jimmy Lewis and Chris Denison at DR have long been strong supporters of the fight for access to public lands. Next time you see them at an event feel free to thank them for taking the time to write about OHV access issues.

As some of you riders know, HQ gave overviews of the Obama CA events held in Davis and LA.

Blog on Obama LA Event

As the DR article and HQ blogs have shown… the events have excluded OHV and have been mostly a forum for people to ask for handouts. According to a report that HQ received yesterday, the Obama event held in Ashville, NC last week was no different than the CA events.

Be assured The General will continue to monitor and give updates on the various Obama Great Outdoor events being held throughout the country. HQ encourages all riders to stay engaged in the process.

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