Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update and Thoughts on July 7 Meeting for Stonyford NCA and Video

The HQ apologizes in advance for bombarding riders this weekend with last minute alerts and updates on the July 7 meeting at U.C. Davis hosted by Congressman Mike Thompson.

Cong. Thompson Invite and RSVP

The General is concerned about this meeting being one-sided because the enviros appear to be looped in and, in fact, are included in the formal panel discussions. On the other hand, OHVers and even some in the Forest Service only found out about this meeting last Friday.

HQ believes in genuine collaboration, honest discussions, and public processes that are not front-loaded and agenda driven. The General has sent an RSVP to Jonathan Birdsong (see his email address in the link above) and is hopeful that the HQ will be given some floor time to champion the designated OHV programs on the Mendocino and the partnerships we have with OHMVR/State Parks, volunteer groups, and the local community.

Usually new environmental land designations programs are proposed in good economic times. HQ questions the timing of the Berryessa-Snow Mountain NCA (or National Monument for that matter) when there are a number of economic factors that should be considered such as the cost of administering this multi-agency NCA, the impacts to ongoing recreational activities such as OHV, power boating, hunting, equestrian use, etc, and existing permitted activities such as cattle grazing, recreation events, and timber.

As you attend these Great Outdoor Meetings be sure and talk about what great (and fun) exercise OHV riding is as highlighted in the video below about how OHV impacts York University students who are learning to ride off-road. Great little video!

The General hopes to see some riders at the U.C. Davis event on July 7 and then again at the July 8 Outdoor Meeting at Occidental College.

Thanks for your service!

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