Sunday, July 4, 2010

ALERT - July 7 Meeting at U.C. Davis on Stonyford OHV National Conservation Area

Even when the Recreation HQ is closed for a national holiday, The General is still on duty monitoring important land use news. Well folks, an issue of such high import occurred on Friday July 2 (regarding a July 7 Great Outdoors Meeting at UC Davis) The General is sounding a Fourth of July “all hands on deck and man your battles stations” alarm
PHOTO; Flag Flying at the Recreation HQ
For many months you have recieved updates on the Stonyford Obamument/National Conservation Area proposals. BRC filed a FOIA, FOIA Appeal (which was denied), and subsequent site-specific appeals to various departments in DOI to ferret out correspondence between green groups and government agencies regarding the push for either National Obamuments or National Conservation Areas that would include the Stonyford and Upper Lake OHV Areas.

Archived Blog on Stonyford Plan and Green Cabal

BRC issued a rare weekend alert yesterday on the Stonyford OHV/NCA meeting on July 7 starting at 11am at UC Davis.

Be of good cheer as OHV is not the only group issuing a strong concern about the NCA plan. The General’s good friends at the Maxwell-based Family Water Alliance (a long time grassroots farming, ranching, and private property rights group) issued a news release on the NCA plan.

FWA News Release with a quote from The General

We all know that a NCA proposal in Northern California is simply a precursor to an eventual Wilderness Designation. As I note in my comments…just look what happened to the 1974 King Range NCA… it became the 2006 King Range Wilderness Area.

It will be important for as many of you who can to join The General at the July 7 meeting and speak up for the well-managed and important OHV programs in the NCA.

I hope to see many of you at U.C. Davis.

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