Monday, July 12, 2010

HQ's View on SB 435 and Loud Street Bikes

Several street riders have contacted the Recreation HQ to see where The General stands on SB 435. This is a piece of legislation that has evolved from a motorcycle emission bill to a motorcycle sound bill.
Quiet Warrior Racing's Letter to the Sen. on SB 435 (click on it for expanded view)

KCRA Article on SB 435 (a bill in search of an issue)

Having seen the success of addressing excessively loud OHVs on public lands via the 2003 96dBA OHV sound law based on SAE J-1287, HQ believes that street riders should be proactive and embrace a similar effort for CA street bikes based on the new SAE-J2825 sound test.

Edmonton, a town in British Columbia, recently adopted a sound law based on J2825 and is holding sound clinics so riders can find out how loud their bikes are.

See Article on Implementation of Edmonton Sound Law

Both on-road and off-road motorcyclists must understand the general public does not distinguish between a loud off-road motorcycle or a loud on-road motorcycle. To the public - ALL motorcycles are the same and judged collectively. Off-road motorcyclists got their act together almost 8 years ago to protect their access to public lands by addressing excessively loud OHVs. Now it is time for the street-bike crowd to step up to the plate. Be proactive or get shut down.

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