Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good OHV News - HR 689

The Recreation HQ wants to share some good OHV news that not just benefits motorized recreation in general but more specifically enhances permitted OHV events.

Congressman Wally Herger Announcement on HR 689

For many years, there has been a matrix of federal lands at the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. The trail system for both casual OHV recreation and permitted events was co-managed by the BLM and FS.

Info on Chappie-Shasta OHV Area

Unlike the BLM’s Hollister Field Office that closed the 75K acre Clear Creek Management Area to all public uses including OHV, the BLM in the this area is committed to providing well-managed and comprehensive OHV recreational opportunities at Chappie-Shasta. The BLM stands in sharp contrast to the Shasta Trinity NF that has never been OHV friendly and just recently issued a travel plan that closed almost 100 percent (over 800 miles) of its single-track trails and trails less than 50 inches in width. Also, the BLM is more supportive of allowing permitted OHV events (enduros, hare scrambles, etc) on this unit. On the other hand, the FS had bound itself by a chain of both real and imaginary regulatory obstacles that stood in the way of the agency supporting permitted OHV events.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of local clubs such as the Redding Dirt Riders and the Recreation Outdoor Coalition, those groups were able to work with Congressman Wally Herger, Senator Diane Feinstein, local elected officials, and other interests to generate support for this important land management consolidation bill.

As OHV continues to get hammered on any number of fronts including the recent cancellation of AMA-sanctioned motorcycle events on the Eldorado NF (due to threats of eco-lawsuits), the news today should give all of us encouragement that it pays for us to “stay the course” and never give up.

The General salutes all those who were part of this effort. Now we just have to wait for the President to sign this bill into law.

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