Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SF Bay Area Democrat Asked to Co-Sponsor H.R. 242 - Herger's TMR Bill

Several weeks ago, HQ issued a challenge to OHV enthusiasts to try and generate support for H.R. 242 by getting co-sponsors for it. As you know, Congressman Wally Herger introduced that legislation to try and address the many closure tenets of TMR in CA.

Well, it looks like at least one of you took that challenge. Eric Lueder, a registered democrat and constituent of SF Bay Area Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey sent her a letter on February 4, 2011 asking her to support H.R. 242.

Link to Letter from Eric Lueder (who is also an OHV commissioner)

HQ continues to urge riders in other states to petition their Member of Congress to either co-sponsor H.R. 242 or to introduce a similar bill if the OHV community in their area got the short end of the stick regarding local TMR plans.

January 27, 2011 Blog with H.R. 242 Info/Articles/Etc.

Please send HQ a copy of any letters that you send regarding this issue. The trails you save may just be the ones you used to ride on.


  1. with 8 bikes in my family my ohv fees just get wasted on what?

  2. all the money for o.h.v. fees on 8 bikes in my home go?