Monday, February 28, 2011

HQ ACTION ALERT - Cong. Hearing March 1 - Send Letter About "Wild Lands" Policy NOW

New "Wild Lands" Policy Signs

Per chance some riders are not aware of a Congressional hearing tomorrow regarding the Department of Interior’s new “Wild Lands” policy, HQ wanted you to be sure and utilize the BRC’s letter generator to let Congress know how you feel about more land closures.

Earlier today, BRC issued a National Alert on the congressional hearing tomorrow. Although the main focus of the hearing is how this 21st Century de facto Wilderness designation could impact rural economies and businesses, HQ believes recreationists should weigh about their loss of access as well.

BRC Alert with Background Information and Letter Generator

HQ already sent a letter in using this system. It is real easy. Please take a few minutes to send in your letter about how you feel regarding this new (it’s really nothing new… just a not so cleaver repackaging of Wilderness or other non-motorized land designation/classification schemes) closure plan.

HQ knows a lot of you have been fighting other state and federal land-use battles throughout the West, but it is important for you and your friends to stay on point and send in a letter on this issue too.

Thanks in advance for your service!

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