Friday, February 25, 2011

A California Native Sends Letter to Budget Committee to Protect the "Trust" in the OHV Trust Fund

The Recreation HQ wants to thank all the OHVers (and even those few from the environmental community) who have already sent in letters and/or made phone calls to state government officials urging them not to raid the OHV Trust Fund.

HQ also wants to thank all the OHV groups such as AMA, D36, BRC, ROC, ARRA, CORVA, CAL4, D37 and many others who either sent in letters on company letterhead, posted alerts, and/or attended hearings.

As the Budget Conference Committee meets over the next few days, HQ believes it is important now for you to send in your personal letter on this subject NOW.

Don Amador, as a California Native, submitted the letter below this a.m. to the committee members and also sent it to his own representatives. Keep those letters coming in. I believe they have already made a difference and if the OHV Program survives it will the result of YOUR involvement.


February 25, 2011

Budget Conference Committee
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 92449

RE: Don’t Betray the “Trust” on the OHV Trust Fund

Dear Budget Conference Committee Members:

I write to you today as a California native and a strong supporter of the California Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program. And, I urge you not to betray the public “trust” again by illegally taking user-pay/user-benefit monies from the OHV Trust Fund.

As a teenager in the late 1960s-70s, I remember filling out a state gas tax refund form where I got a refund from the state treasurer based on the amount of fuel I used when driving my OHV off-road (non-paved dirt roads). I also remember the promise made to me by the proponents of the Chappie-Z’berg Act of 1971 (that established the California OHV Program) that they would use these dedicated “trust” funds to manage motorized recreation. I trusted them.

Over the years, that trust has been betrayed on a number of occasions by both Republican and Democrat officials. In fact, there have been two lawsuits filed by the OHV community that successfully challenged the state government’s legal authority to raid the OHV Trust Fund.

As a member of the negotiating team (OHV, environmentalists, legislature, Governor’s Office) that met throughout the summer of 2007 to hammer out SB742 (the new OHV Program), I remember the group worked hard to make sure that protecting the “trust” in the OHV Trust Fund was a key statutory tenet of that legislation.

Today, I urge your committee to not betray the public-trust again by taking OHV money that is not yours to take.



Don Amador
California Native
555 Honey Lane
Oakley, CA 94561
Phone: 925.625.6287


Keep those letters coming and thanks for your service!

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  1. Don has betrayed his age here, but the history lesson on those of us over 40 - been there, done that. OHV folks have ALWAYS had to fight for our rights, and this is no different.
    Don is clear here. TRUST does mean something.
    In this case, certain weasels are trying to take advantage of our good will. Well, my good will went into the dumper yesterday as I saw agencies give the Congferance Committee voting members BAD or Wrong information, and yet their I sat on my butt, not being able to do anything because the committee is NOT allowed by rules to hear from the public, as no public comment is accepted at this level. Grrrrr. Anger. I had the correct information, and in 3 minutes could have corrected those clowns we pay, and the Committee Members would have accurate information giving them the ability to make and educated decisions.
    The REAL question on this, at least to me, WHO or what agency has COACHED the sitting Chairman, Blumenthal, and his quick decision to TABLE the matter when the discussion was not going his way. Could one even consider some kind of collusion here?
    Stay tuned to the Amador blogs for the latest information on this California Gold Rush, of which the Gold is Green, as in Green Sticker.
    Dave Pickett