Monday, February 14, 2011

MUST SEE OHV TV - View Feb. 10 Assembly Hearing on OHV Program

Last week you got an alert from HQ about a run on the OHV fund by the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #3. As I stated in my alert, HQ got the news from AMA’s Nick (Paul Revere) Haris on the night before the hearing.

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Feb. 10 Alert with BRC Letter and Other Info

Feb 11 Thank You from HQ


Thanks to the California Channel you can view the hearing. Some riders ask what do you professional OHV advocates do for us? Well, here is one time where you can see us standing up for you in front of a legislative body that has proposed to borrow (some call it stealing) or reallocate (fungible) OHV Trust Funds for other non-OHV uses.

Starting at about 1:56 into the video you will see the OHV hearing segment. Shortly after it starts you will see state park officials defend the OHV program. Then you will see my good friend Reed Addis (green lobbyist) support the assembly staff’s recommendations to steal money from the OHV fund. Then you will see Nick Haris (AMA), Terry McHale (OHV Lobbyist), Don Amador (BRC), Dave Picket (D36) and representatives from CAL4WD, RTF/Pirate4x4, ROC, and others. You will also see the post testimony discussion by the elected officials. There are a number of interesting comments. Watching this video is an important lesson in why OHV has to be involved in the legislative and political process.

Link to Video (Must see OHV TV)

Thanks again to all who wrote letters and called their elected officials. It has and will continue to make a difference. This episode only reinforces the axiom here at the HQ that… “All land-use decisions are political decisions.”

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